Curtain wall
Curtain wall

 *  Depending on the architectural design, façades are used for high-rise buildings and may include other features such as decorative aluminum cladding.

 *  Soundproofing, thermal insulation, and ensure maximum daylight

 *  Variety of models and different architectural types.

 *  Can achieve European standards in aspects such as sound proof and thermal insulation, as well as water tightness.

 *  Used in hi-tech, often shaped architectural building designs.

 *  Easy in construction and lightweight.

 *  Light weight, high strength and durable

 *  High economics through the life of the building.

 *  Aesthetics


 *  Profile bars are extruded from advanced aluminum alloys, meeting European standards.

 *  Glass: single, safety, tempered, heat strenthened, art and double glazing (filled with inert gas for soundproofing and heat insulation) glasses.

 *  The gasket system is made from EPDM which has excellent anti-violet ray effect , and sealing properties.

 *  Façade Application

Surface types of façade:

     Façade with external cappings (horizontal and vertical): This structure provides a visible framework and has the advantage of providing a solid and reliable outside appearance. In addition, due to the wide range of Eurowindow aluminum painting technology available, customers have a multiple choice of aluminum cladding colors, so creating the required or desired look for the building.

     Façade composed of hidden and exposed aluminum cappings: This combination creates highlighted horizontal and / or vertical lines on the building outside surface.

     Façade without aluminum capping: This structure has the advantage to create a very flat and homogeneous surface which looks like a huge glass panel when viewed from the outside. This is not only convenient for incorporating colorful glass panels, but it is also suitable for big electronic advertising screens.

Stick systems:
     Stick systems comprise a number of component parts, including aluminum extrusions, sheet, cappings; glass, various other hardware and fixings, the component parts of which are all manufactured and processed at the factory. While assembly, installation, sealing and finishing works are all implemented at the job site. The stick curtain wall system can be used for every building surface type, but is especially suitable for sophisticated, multiple jointed and faceted structures.

     Unlike Unitized systems, stick systems are installed component by component at the jobsite, gradually constructing the support frame to which is subsequently added the glazing or cladding.

     The basic construction sequence for stick system cladding can be summarized as:

  * The mullion bars are first installed and connected in series, • stage by stage

  * The transom bars are installed to mullion bars, to form a • structural frame or grid.
         * Finally, glass and aluminum panels are installed and finished with sealants.


  * Safe structure and waterproofing as well

  * The biggest advantage of the Stick design and construction method is flexibility in transportation, construction and installation process.

   * Allows to construct projects with high complexity, such as inhomogeneous and irregular, complex surfaces.


 * The quality control at site is more difficult than that of the Unitized systems, as it requires highly skilled workers and to be monitored by many skilled engineers at site.

  * The construction process takes longer and requires many steps to be implemented at site

  * The assembly and construction mostly takes place outside the building so equipment requirements and logistics must is carefully prepared in advance.

  * Requires warehouse area at site, in order to store and manage materials in the construction process.

Structure of Stick systems with decorative aluminum capping

Unitized systems

     Unitized systems are curtain wall systems manufactured, processed and completed into modules in the factory, then they are transported to site for installation. Unitized curtain wall systems are best employed for buildings with uniform surfaces, including many panels of the same type and same storey height.

     The characteristics of the Unitized installation method, are that all aluminum and glass frame panels are manufactured and assembled in the factory, – called a Module.

     These finished Modules are then transported from factory to site and installed using specialized equipment to lift them to the required position. The Modules are attached to the building, generally by channel anchor systems previously cast into the structure of the building when the concrete of the floor slabs were cast. A very important feature of which being that the position of anchors will be very critical and must be closely monitored by engineering teams and survey equipment
Advantages :

 * Ensure aesthetic features thanks to its uniform surface.

  * Installation is very quick, therefore able to meet tight installation programmes.

  * Product quality is very high, since module assembly is all carried out under factory conditions and controls.

  * Since modules are connected to each other by dry gaskets, the system can accommodate significant building movements due to wind and even earthquakes.

  * Excellent waterproof construction, plus sound and thermal insulation features.

  * Occupy less space and area at the construction job site

  * Large modules and frames provide good visibility for the tenant and excellent structural aesthetic for the building in general.


  * The Unitized system price is higher than Stick systems.

  * The module transportation to the site is more complicated.

Components of Unitized curtain wall system without decorative aluminum cladding

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