Eurowindow (European Plastics Window Company Ltd) was established on 29th August 2002  The company’s range of products consists of:
- Windows, doors, balconies, high-quality uPVC partitions
- Aluminum doors and curtain walls of European quality
- Room-through doors in boarded wood, solid timber and MDF
- Doors which combinated by aluminum and wood
- Glass products:  safety glass, tempered glass,  glass boxes, patterned glass
- In addition to the above-mentioned products, Eurowindow also provides a wide range of products such as: automatic doors, rolling doors, artistic steel products.
Eurowindow’s target is to be the leading and biggest provider of door products in Vietnam. Eurowindow also puts more effort in improving products and services quality and protecting the environment.  High quality products, highly-skilled human resource, professional customer services are the key factors bringing Eurowindow brand to success.>> Details

After a period of construction, Eurowindow showroom in Quang Ninh was officially completed at the new location: No.68A Golden Apartment Building, 25/4 Street, Hon Gai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. Along with the change of address, Quang Ninh showroom also has a new more luxurious design that have created scientific and convenient exhibition space for customers to visit, survey and choose door products.
On January 12th, 2015, Eurowindow signed a contract with Quang Nam Da Nang Trading Limited Company – Investor of Tourane Hotel (Da Nang) for the supply of all door products and large glass aluminum curtain wall system of the project. Perspective of Tourane Hotel project
To meet the needs of home improvement of customers in the end of the year, Eurowindow is deploying promotion program "New doors greeting spring, Lucky to all home." Accordingly, from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015, Eurowindow will offer 5% discount for the purchase and installation contract for the construction of private building from Quang Binh to the North.
In the evening of December 23rd, 2014, at the Hanoi Opera House, National Brand Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade held a ceremony to award certificates of National Brand in 2014 to 63 enterprises and leading domestic products. Overcoming1500 admission dossiers, Eurowindow receives this honor for the 2nd consecutive time and is one of the few enterprises in the construction sector acknowledged as National Brand.
Recently, Eurowindow has become contractor supplying, installing doors and large aluminum glass curtain walls system for Building B of new Head office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
On December 3rd, 2014, Hanoi Department of Trade and Industry has granted decision acknowledging major product of the city in 2014 for Eurowindow. This is the 3rd consecutive time uPVC and aluminum doors product of Eurowindow recognized as the major product of the city.
Early last December, Vietnam Association of Architects collaborated with the Da Nang People's Committee to hold a workshop on model of "Provincial centralized administrative center” in the city of Da Nang. This is a hot topic in the field of planning - architecture interested by the public.
On November 29, /2014, nearly 200 students and lecturers of the 2nd and 3rd years of the Institute of Business Administration, Hanoi National Economics University had gone on a field trip to visit the production line at the Plant 1 of Eurowindow and exchanged, listened to meaningful experience of the leadership of the company. The field trip has helped the students to get out of textbook knowledge to become familiar with the actual production and management of the company.
On July 24th 2014, Eurowindow has officially become the company to sponsor the entire cost of production and installation of toughened safety glass for the Coast Guard vessel CSB6006 Vietnam. In the future, Eurowindow will continue funding the entire cost of replacing the glass for the next several Vietnam Marine Police ships.
On December 11th, 2014, in the framework of the cooperation between Eurowindow and Karrcher, the company specialized in cleaning equipment (Germany), a training session on the glass vacuum cleaner product Window WV 50 plus of Karcher for Eurowindow business staff was held.
From October 5, 2014 to December 5, 2014, all individual customers signing purchase and installation contracts with Eurowindow for private building works in the provinces of Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Tri will receive a discount of 7% (before VAT). Details as follows:
Other stories
Modern glass window is the result of technological advances in the field of construction.
In the past, Vietnamese Architecture was influenced by French architecture which are tile roof and 2 layer windows: shutters and glass
On the morning of 22nd January 2015, Plastics Sales Department of Eurowindow Company held 2014 summary ceremony to propose directions and specific tasks for 2015, and reward the collectives and individuals that have excellent sales achievements in the past year. The summary ceremony was taken place in an atmosphere of excitement, joy, intimacy between the leaders and the salespeople of Eurowindow plastic doors.
Recently, the employees of Eurowindow have joined hands to support the family of Do Manh Hung and Nguyen Thi Hau – workers of Factory 1 the amount nearly 50 million. This is a meaningful gift that shows solidarity, the timely active sharing and support of Eurowindow employees for individuals in difficult circumstances of the company.
In the afternoon of December 13th 2014, final sports day of Eurowindow Holding in 2014 took place in the atmosphere of solidarity and warmth of more than 200 staff of member companies. The program aims to review the activities of the sports clubs, in which the typical is football, tennis and table tennis tournament, while increasing teamwork and cohesion among staff of Eurowindow Holding.
In the evening of the Saturday ( January10th ,2015), nearly 250 representative employees and leaders of Eurowindow Holding and its member companies were present at Dong Du Farm, Gia Lam, Hanoi to attend the summary ceremony of Holding Eurowindow 2014 with the theme "Year-end meeting". Regardless of the cold weather of Hanoi winter, a series of cultural and entertainment activities was organized to bring warm atmosphere, laughter to the employees, shorten the distances between all staff in the last days of the year.
Eurowindow Golf Club and leaders of Vietinbank have coordinated to hold a friendly golf competition on September 21 at Van Tri Golf Club(Kim No, Dong Anh, Hanoi). Participating in the meeting, there are senior leaders such as Chairman, General Director, Deputy General Director, Directors and Head of Departments of Eurowindow and Vietinbank.
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Showroom Systems
Showroom No.30 in Ly Nam De
30 B-C-D Ly Nam De, Hoan Kiem
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 7 47 47 77
Showroom No.36 in Ly Nam De
36 Ly Nam De, Hoan Kiem
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 7 47 47 65
Showroom in Lang Ha
No.3 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh
Tel: Tel: (84 - 4) 3 5 12 14 15
Showroom in Truong Chinh
No.60 Truong Chinh, Dong Da
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 8 688 996
Showroom in Me Linh
Melinh PLAZA, km8, Thang Long - Noi Bai
Tel: (84 - 4) 6 2 875 088
Showroom in Kim Lien
40 Xa Dan, Dong Da
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 5 738 535
Showroom in Hoang Quoc Viet
59 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 7913 838
Showroom in Khuat Duy Tien
106 Khuat Duy Tien, Thanh Xuan
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 55 44 655
Showroom in Ha Dong
65 Quang Trung, Ha Dong
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 311 77 00
Showroom in Long Bien
479 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien
Tel: (84 - 4) 3 873 6817
Showroom in Hang Xanh
359 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh
Tel: (84 - 8) 3 512 1086
Showroom in Kinh Duong Vuong
150 Kinh Duong Vuong, Ward 12, 6 district
Tel: (84 - 8) 3 8 779 533
Showroom in Da Nang City
60B Nui Thanh, Hai Chau, Da Nang City
Tel: (84 - 511) 3 582 877
Showroom In Hai Phong City
No. 273, To Hieu, Le Chan, Hai Phong City
Tel: (84 - 31) 3 956 111/222
Showroom In Quang Ninh
Ha Long Tower, Coal store 1 2 Be Tong str, Bach Dang ward, Ha Long City
Tel: (84-33) 3 55 66 69 / 55 66 89
Showroom in Thanh Hoa City
Lot CC4 - Industrial Park Northwest Station, Dong Tho ward, Thanh Hoa City
Tel: (84 - 37) 3 964 964/3 964 965
Showroom in Vinh City
Home B Area C1 Techco, Quang Trung st., Vinh City
Tel: (84 - 38) 3 588 808
Showroom in Dong Hoi City
No 13A Trang Hung Dao st., Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Provinces
Tel: (84 - 52) 3 843 105
Showroom in Hue City
No 93 Hung Vuong st., Hue City
Tel: (84 - 54) 3 88 33 11
Showroom in Nha Trang City
No 68 Quang Trung st., Loc Tho ward, Nha Trang City
Tel: (84 - 58) 6 250 288
Showroom in Quy Nhon City
No 380 Tran Hung Dao st., Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Provinces
Tel: 056 3 813 988
Showroom in Bing Duong City
454 Binh Duong Avenue, Hiep Thanh ward, Thu Dau Mot town, Binh Duong City
Tel: (84 - 650) 3 872 714
Showroom in Can Tho City
No 180 Tran Hung Dao st, An Nghiep ward, Ninh Kieu Dist, Can Tho City
Tel: (84 - 710) 6 250 679
Showroom in Vung Tau City
No 300 Truong Cong Dinh, 8 ward, Vung Tau City
Tel: (84 - 64) 6 255 145
Showroom In Bien Hoa City
1/22 Phạm Văn Thuận, P.Tam Hiệp, Tp.Biên Hòa
Tel: (84 - 61) 8822595 - 8822596
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