Eurowindow (European Plastics Window Company Ltd) was established on 29th August 2002  The company’s range of products consists of:
- Windows, doors, balconies, high-quality uPVC partitions
- Aluminum doors and curtain walls of European quality
- Room-through doors in boarded wood, solid timber and MDF
- Doors which combinated by aluminum and wood
- Glass products:  safety glass, tempered glass,  glass boxes, patterned glass
- In addition to the above-mentioned products, Eurowindow also provides a wide range of products such as: automatic doors, rolling doors, artistic steel products.
Eurowindow’s target is to be the leading and biggest provider of door products in Vietnam. Eurowindow also puts more effort in improving products and services quality and protecting the environment.  High quality products, highly-skilled human resource, professional customer services are the key factors bringing Eurowindow brand to success.>> Details

Recently, Eurowindow has continued to be the bid winner for the project of high-rise apartments, commercial center, rental offices of Van Phu Investor- Trung Kính Complex (also known as Home City) at No. 177, Group 51, Trung Kinh, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi. These are works invested by Van Phu One Member Limited Liability Company with large investment capital.
Eurowindow JSC has had InterConformity - Federal Republic of Germany (Europe); Global GTA International (UK); Institute for Economic Research (IER) certify " Safety– Quality - Achieving the standard CCI: 2015" in the manufacturing sector of windows, doors and partitions made of PVC, advanced composite or aluminum and steel; Aluminum doors, rolling doors, automatic doors and other types of windows, doors and partitions; Safety glass, building glass, wooden doors, and system of large glass aluminum window walls. The certificate is monitored and certified by InterConformity and is valid worldwide.
In recent years, along with the strong development of building model of luxurious complex, Eurowindow products have been continued to be a reliable choice of investors because Eurowindow doors bring not only beauty and elegance, but also a comfortable living space. These projects include Mandarin Garden complex, Vietnam Hung urban area, Vincom Villige; Ciputra; Thao Dien Pearl complex, etc.
2015 is the year in which Eurowindow has put quite a lot of enthusiasm for investment, research and application of new products with the purpose of bringing advanced and modern technologies into Vietnam. Those achievements are introduced to customers via chains of Vietbuild exhibitions 2015 which held by Eurowindow. Currently, Vietbuild Ho Chi Minh Exhibition 2015, besides product introduction, Eurowindow has implemented promotion program which provides 10% discount for customers who sign an installation contract for private house projects from Phu Yen to the North. The program lasts from June 15th to July 31st 2015.
Taking part in Vietbuild Da Nang Exhibition 2015, in addition to continuously launching a wider range of new products into the market, Eurowindow will implement promotion program which provides 10% discount for customers who sign a installation contract for private house projects in Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh. The program lasts from 20th April to 30th June in 2015.
Late last April , the Ministry of Science and Technology has organized the event " Science and Technology in the southern regions celebrate 40 years of liberation of the South , reunification 30th April, 1975 – 30th April, 2015 " . In this event , the Ministry has also incorporated the HCM City People's Committee leaders inaugurated the Project Information Centre of Science and Technology in the southern region in 1196 3/2 , Ward 8 , District 11 , HCMC. HCM . Earlier, Eurowindow completed and delivered all the construction items in this project
From 25 March to 29 March 2015 Vietbuild Hanoi International Exhibition 2015 for domestic and foreign businesses as well as people who are interested in Construction material – Real estate industry will be held at Vietnam Exhibition Fair, no. 148 Giang Vo, Hanoi. On this occasion, Eurowindow will implement promotion program which provides 10% discount for customers who sign a installation contract for private house projects from Quang Binh to the North. The program lasts from 20 March to 31 May 2015. The following are the rules of the promotion program.
On March 16, Eurowindow branch in Da Nang celebrated the 11th anniversary of its establishment (16 March 2004 – 16 March 2015) in the presence of all leaders, staff and employees of the branch.
In the first working days of the year of the goat, not only office in Hanoi signed contracts with a total value of 100 billion dongs with the 789 Corporation - Department of Defence and An Hung Urban Investment Company, Eurowindow branch in Danang also signed a contract with Ha Dong Construction Joint Stock Company to supply uPVC doors for the project of Social Insurance of Dien Ban District - Quang Nam Province. The signing ceremony took place in solemn, warm, fresh atmosphere of the new year.
The 6th day of Tet (i.e. 24 February 2015), like many other agencies and businesses, is the first day all employees of Eurowindow returned to work after the Tet holidays. The atmosphere of the workday became more excited as in the first working day of the new year Eurowindow has signed contract to perform work for a number of important projects, typically, the contracts with the 789 Corporation-Ministry of Defence and An Hung Urban Investment Company. This can be seen as an encouraging start for this year 2015.
On December 3rd, 2014, Hanoi Department of Trade and Industry has granted decision acknowledging major product of the city in 2014 for Eurowindow. This is the 3rd consecutive time uPVC and aluminum doors product of Eurowindow recognized as the major product of the city.
From October 5, 2014 to December 5, 2014, all individual customers signing purchase and installation contracts with Eurowindow for private building works in the provinces of Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Tri will receive a discount of 7% (before VAT). Details as follows:
On 31st January 2015, Vinh Airport (Nghe An) has officially inaugurated the new passenger terminal, and received announcement planning to transform Vinh Airport into an international airport. Participating in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, there were National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Head of the Economic Commission Vuong Dinh Hue, Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang, and leaders of ministries, departments and local authority.
Other stories
Modern glass window is the result of technological advances in the field of construction.
In the past, Vietnamese Architecture was influenced by French architecture which are tile roof and 2 layer windows: shutters and glass
On July 10th afternoon, two major events of business officers and staff of Eurowindow which were to introduce a new wood-aluminum door product and reviewed the business activities of the Northern Region for the first 6 months of the year, took place simultaneously in Dong Du (Gia Lam, Hanoi). The ceremony had full participation of more than 200 leaders and salespersons from the whole Northern region. Many awards were given to deserving people, continued to show the attention and encouragement of company leaders for sales team.
With the object of reliability assurance and the improvement of customer satisfaction, Eurowindow has repeatedly organized seminars for exchange and experience sharing, training sessions for qualification improvement and workmanship assessment of business staffs and technicians in recent years ... On two days June 13th and June 14th, 2015, Eurowindow held two intensive seminars for business and installation department in the North.
Continuing emulation movement "Outstanding business staff, talented business leader" , in the 2nd awards ceremony taking place on June 06th, 2015, Mr. Luu Cong Hoan, a business staff at Truong Chinh showroom made achievement of 1,175 billion and became the 2nd owner of the iPhone 6 - the award for the most outstanding business staff this time.
During these years, the program “Outstanding saleman and talented leader” has become annual event of Eurowindow Management Board, this program is lunched for all salemen all over the countries. On the event of Vietbuild Hanoi taken place at the end of March, the competition saleman and talented leader” was hold together with a promotion program from March 20th to the end of May 31st, 2015, this promotion and completion has created a fair and friendly competitive atmosphere among salemen of Eurowindow.
At 4 p.m. on 2nd May 2015 at Eurowindow Office, Wood Sales Department of Eurowindow held a ceremony to review business activities in 2014, complete the plan and direction for 2015 and award representative individuals. Attending the ceremony, there were Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - General Director of Eurowindow JSC, Mr. Vu Trong Trung - Deputy General Director in charge of sales and technology, Mr. Vu Manh Dung - Director of Wood Sales Department and other leaders and the entire staff of the Department.
On 24 February 2015 at 10:30 a.m., the first meeting of the leaders of Eurowindow Holding and its member companies have taken place in the lively and cozy atmosphere at the company office. Specially, the officers and employees from the factories as well as two branches in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang also participated via online connection.
Recently, the employees of Eurowindow have joined hands to support the family of Do Manh Hung and Nguyen Thi Hau – workers of Factory 1 the amount nearly 50 million. This is a meaningful gift that shows solidarity, the timely active sharing and support of Eurowindow employees for individuals in difficult circumstances of the company.
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