Music Road in June: Singer Anh Tuyet - Singing like her life.
Music Road in June: Singer Anh Tuyet - Singing like her life.
Anh Tuyet has made a lot of people admire her voice. She became famous and was praised as her name associated with Van Cao - the musician whose tears fell down when he found a singing voice that matched excellently with his music.
Anh Tuyet was born in a traditional artistic family. Her father is a music teacher and brothers are professional musicians. That is the reason why art absorbed into her soul since she was very small. When she was 3 years old, Tiec (real name of singer Anh Tuyet) often crept in to her father’s musical class. Every day, she sang along with her mother the songs by Pham Duy, Hoang Giac, etc. When she was 8 years old, she could sing unceasingly the songs “Tinh hoai thuong” (Forever love) or “Tinh co do” (Love of ancient capital).

After going through many hardships and difficulties in his singing career, Anh Tuyet decided to select pre-war music for her own way. And, pre-war music is a lucid decision because she has shined from this genre. As the destiny, in July 1993, she was invited to sing in Van Cao own program, when she did not expect the participation of Composer Van Cao as a listener. Because Anh Tuyet remembered every sentence, every word and instilled the spirit of “Thien thai” (Eden), “Buon tan thu” (Sadness of withered autumn), etc. since she was young, her performance became so excellent that Composer Van Cao was happy to sit beneath the tears because someone was singing his music so beautifully. After this, the press simultaneously wrote about Anh Tuyet as a phenomenon in the heart of Vietnamese music, especially with songs by Van Cao. Her name has associated with Composer Van Cao from that time.

Anh Tuyet voice was not only linked with Composer Van Cao, but also shined when she presented the songs of late Composer Trinh Cong Son. Recently, Anh Tuyet held concerts all over Vietnam in early April called "A day like that," including songs by Trinh Cong Son. Anh Tuyet held concerts of Trinh Cong Son songs not only because of a promise that she owed to the artist when he was alive, that she would sing his music, release album of his songs, but also because Anh Tuyet wanted to express her innermost feeling through music of Trinh. With beautiful lyrics which were lively and deeply, Trinh's music helped her relieve the twist, what she wanted to say but hardly could say. Maybe that was the reason why she made many people cry when hearing her singing "Duong xa van dam" (Thousand mile road). Image of a small woman in slender ao dai and beautiful and emotional voice had conquered many audiences.

Road Music Program in June with the theme "Sing like her life" was a concert of music about the life of singer Anh Tuyet with pre-war songs associated with her name. In addition, the program also had the participation of the artists: Phuong Thanh, Ki Phuong, Dinh Van, Quynh Lan, Xuan Phu, Xuan Truong, Thuy Long, Le Anh, Hoang Nhat Minh, Ngoc Quy, Kyo, ATB band and Saigon dance group. The program was broadcast live on air VTV3 on June 12, 2011 which was implemented by Vietnam Television Entertainment Division in association with Eurowindow and Melinh PLAZA.

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