Glass products

In order to meet the market demand on glass products such as safety, tempered, semi-tempered, patterned glass and glass boxes, Eurowindow has invested much effort and resource on it modern and synchronous glass production factory. All the production lines and equipments of the factory are imported from Italy, Finland, Switzerland and Germany.

Eurowindow has applied latest technology to produce a wide variety of glass products such as safety, tempered, semi- tempered, patterned glass and glass boxes. Safety glass can stand against heavy crack, preventing outside intrusion and reducing danger at utmost level for users. Due to its high toughness, Eurowindow’s tempered and semi-tempered glass can resist the strong hitting force four or five times stronger than the normal floating glass of the same type, thickness and size. In addition, this type of glass is able to avoid vibration and endure the thermal shock of up to 200 degree Celsius. Patterned glass is produced based on the CNC recessed engraving technology which meets the high aesthetic requirement of customers. At present, Eurowindow is one of few numbers of Vietnamese companies who is able to produce large-sized glass boxes of dimensions of 2.7 x 3.5m. Eurowindow’s glass boxes are filled with argon to minimize noise from surrounding environment and increase thermal insulation.

Công trình tòa nhà Waseco, số 10 đưởng Phổ Quang, Q. Tân Bình, TP. HCM

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