Eurowindow’s wooden doors

If uPVC products are considered a perfect solution for outside (windows and balconies), wooden door products are the prominent choice for inside (interior doors), coplementing furniture in-house.

Previously, people usually chose natural wood. Iron wood and clove wood were chosen for making doors because of advantages such as: rigid, steady, compressible, and fine grain. However, even these fine expensive woods, when used fully-boarded, with large size, are still susceptible to shrinkage and cracking when exposed to high and variable temperature and humidity.

Following a major investment in the 1st wooden door manufacturing factory in Quang Minh Industrial zone, Me Linh, Hanoi, a second one is now under construction in Tan Uyen Industrial zone, Binh Duong province, which incorporates even more advanced research and technological transferred in collaboration with long-standing, famous and experienced wooden manufacturers in Italy, Spain, and Russia, that allow Eurowindow wooden door products to meet the functions as if made from natural wood materials, but also many other functions such as stability, tightness, soft opening and closing, aesthetics, and fast installation as well.

Eurowindow wooden doors come in many varieties and designs from classics, semi-classics, modern, up to hi-tech

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