Eurowindow’s curtain wall is made from high quality aluminum profile, integrated with thermobreak that enhances the thermoacoustic and weathertight performance. As well as uPVC products, aluminum curtain wall can meet unlimited demands from the customer by offering numerous options such as: windows, door, curtain wall, skylight, etc. Eurowindow is strategic partner of Hydro Building System, the world’s leading supplier of aluminum for building namely Technal’s aluminum system in which Technal provides materials, concept design and technical support. Simultaneously, we collaborate with many other aluminum builders and accessories suppliers who are well-known in the industry. Together with continuous state-of-the-art assembly line, Eurowindow owns itself a fully automatic coating line which can handle the most up to date coating demands such as powder coating, PVDF coating. The line comprises different processes like: pre-treatment, 3 coat paint system - PVDF (undercoat/primer – first coat – finish coat/top coat); powder coating spray chamber, dry oven, etc. Notably, Eurowindow’s sewage treatment plant – imported from Singapore - permitting the treated water to gain grade A Classification – the supreme standard required for environment protection of Vietnam.

Powder and PVDF coat deliver diversified finishes, highest purity, strength, and resistance to solvents, acids, etc.

The steel workshop is equipped with contemporary facilities such as: hydraulic cutting machine, hydraulic shearing machine, punching machine, grooving machine, welding machine, drilling machine, etc. This facilitates Eurowindow in fabricating all cladding works, for instant: aluminum composite panels, aluminum solid panel, flashing panels, etc.

The cutting-edge glass workshop which manufactures toughened glass, heat strengthened glass, insulated glass unit, laminated glass, decorative and specialty glass – Eurowindow is owning a self-contained manufacturing system which facilitates the quality management control for the whole process from incoming materials, fabrication, coating, assembly, packaging, delivery to installation on site.

Beside aluminum glazed windows, doors and curtain walls for typical buildings, Eurowindow can meet the customized demands of architects and clients to the particular buildings thank to qualified designing and engineering team, high skilled installers that bring solid commitment upon schedule and quality requirement of any project.

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