Aluminum windows & doors for residential housing

Since 2012, we have officially launched 2 other aluminum window & door systems Technal and Eurowindow - for residential housing in which Technal system is an outcome of the cooperation with Hydro Building System Group (France). Unlike curtain wall, profiles for residential window & door are slimmer, dressed with complete European imported accessories providing the stunning looks and solid performances. Available in various chamber thicknesses, Technal aluminum window & door delivers exceptional performances of load bearing and thermoacoustics.

Specially, every production process is strictly controlled according to Eurowindow standard that ensures the quality and progress for any project.

Meanwhile, Eurowindow aluminum window & door system is designed, fabricated and installed by our own people. This product portfolio has marked the turning point of our development so far. It has also achieved the goal of product diversification to meet different demands from the customers.


• Slim sash frame, elegant looks and light weight.

• Available in diversified designs.

• Solid, aesthetic, no screw exposed.

• Integral accessories system.

• Quick & easy installation.

• EPDM thermoacoustics and weathertight seal.

• High grade of aluminum alloy: 6061, 6063, 6065 (conforms to international standards).

Product Details:

• Aluminum profiles.

• Glazing - Single/Double Toughened, Laminated or IGU filled

with noble gas.

• Dual seals.

• Multi-point lock, hinges, lever & handle, etc.

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