Nowadays, roller doors have become an important and inseparable part in the vibrant development of modern architecture. Beside convenience and aesthetic, roller doors also guarantee safety for users. 

To meet customer demands, Eurowindow has been launching to the market advanced roller door products with various models, focused on qualities such as: modern, sturdy, safe, smooth and good-looking. 

Roller doors are used for garages, shop and house front, manufactured and assembled by imported materials from Germany and other famous companies from Europe. Eurowindow roller doors are divided into 3 series: roller system into box, roller system up to the ceiling, roller system pulling horizontal. These doors use extruded aluminum bars with spongy core to create soundproof and thermal insulation ability.
Roller system into box: When opening roller door, slats are being rolled in the aluminum box hidden above. according to this structure, whole empty space under the ceiling is used for other purposes. Slats and rolling box are all made of aluminum. Ventilation profiles are according to European standards.
Roller system up to the ceiling: When pushing the radio controlled remote controller, the roller door operates smoothly along with a light system, applying lighting for inside. The lintel hight requirement is at least 8cm, especially suitable to the buildings have thin lintel. This product is suitable to door height up to 3m.
Lateral roller door system: Requirement for installation space is small and designed to run horizontal. Motor, remote controller and obstacle detection devices ensure convenience and safety. The strong point can be programmed to open completely or partly as a normal door depending on the user demand


 * The Slat system is made of aluminum alloy.

 * Door sizes are made from customer orders.

 * Motor has AOS anti-push devices and safety brakes according to European standards 

 * Smooth movement with LLS system

 * Barrier detector device 

 * Remote radio-controller 

 * Manual operation from inside, very efficient in case of emergency 

 * Manufactured following to DIN-EN safety standards, certified by TUV (an European technical monitoring organization)

 * Prevents break-ins 

 * Special structure with spongy core to aluminum slats serve to strength, provide soundproof and thermal insulation.

Automatic-sliding doors


 * Automatic -sliding door consists of two types: 2 wings and 4 wings. Most of the mechanical parts are made of high quality aluminum alloy so it is well loaded, beautiful and light.  

Glass partitions and sliding door wings used safety and double glasses (pumped inert gas in between) and gasket system for wing frames should provide thermal and sound insulation and energy saving.

 * The four-wing automatically sliding doors allow us to open all wings simultaneously, use opening space larger than that of the two-wing automatically sliding door. 

 * The entire electromotive, electrical, and electromagnetic systems are imported from European leading manufacturers or exclusively manufactured under orders from Eurowindow
Equipment description:
 *  Two radars detecting movement are installed inside and outside 

 *  Infrared sensor is installed across the door, which help the doors not close at the sliding operation area. 

 *  A switch key set spends for user.

 *  Electromagnetic lock: safety locks at night mode. 

 *  UPS: helps the automatically sliding door operate when loosing suppler power 

 *  Central control system oversees all operations of devices, self-checks and alarm warnings, allow to connecting with magnetic card, fire alarm, and administration systems.
 *  When someone requires to come out or in, the automatically sliding doors open and then close in order to energy saving. In addition, the safety sensor devices will guarantee to keep the doors open when people pass by.

 *  Easy and quick to install components. 

 *  Persistent, long-life motor and no noise during operation. 

 *  All of sliding door frames, rails and cover box are made of high quality aluminum alloy.
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