Geze three-wing automatically revolving door


- Three-wing automatic revolving door is used in Banks, Hotels, Buildings where there are a lot of passers-by with high speed circulation. This product ensures safety, stable temperature and dusty prevention.

- Door can run automatically, semi-automatically (by electric motor) and manually.

- Sensor is fixed on the door so when anyone enters, it automatically opens and then closes accordingly for energy saving. In addition, the sensor also guarantees safely for people and baggage because it keeps the doors open when people and baggage pass by.

- Door frame is made of aluminium alloy so it is durable, beautiful and light.

- Materials imported from GEZE (Germany).

Description of equipments:

- Two radars are fixed to detect the movement from inside and outside by using infrared rays.

- Two sensors are fixed to detect the obstacle from inside, outside on the right entrance, against jam.

- Two sensors of knock detection are fixed along curve partitions on the right entrance.

- Three sensors of knock detection are fixed under three revolving wings.

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