To meet self-demand feeding as well as market demand, Eurowindow has built a leading glass processing workshop in Vietnam with equipment and machines imported from top industrialized countries in Europe namely Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Germany:

• Jumbo sized glass cutting machines;

• Double edging machines;

• CNC & drilling machines;

• Tempering Furnace;

• Insulated glass unit processing line;

• Heat soak test chamber.

Glazing is processed in dust free clean room under controlled conditions to ensure the best quality products. Our tempering line can either strengthen or toughen glasses with Low-E hard-coat, soft-coat and reflective coat in range of glass thickness from 4mm to 19mm. Eurowindow’s heat strengthened glass conforms to EN 1863, ANSI Z97.1-2004, ECE R43 and EN 12150-1.

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