Laminate Glass

An assembly consists of one pane of glass with one or more panes of glass. Each glass pane is rinsed off by ionized water before being applied to each other with PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer which then being autoclaved at 130 degree C to create the required transparency. PVB interlayer - clear, colorized or decorative and glass panes - clear, colorized, reflective, toughened or heat strengthened - are flexibly combined to create the variety of laminated glass types which suit many building codes or design specifications.

Eurowindow laminated glass using PVB film which is able to absorb nearly 100% of UV ray to prevent harms to human, deterioration of furniture, pictures, paints, textile goods, etc.


• Acoustic (Proper control of an acoustical environment)/

• Safety (Laminated glass does not fall out of the opening

when broken).

• Security (Burglary, bullet, blast and fire resistant).

• Wind load resistance (Offer superior strength and personal

protection during natural disasters)


• Audio and television studios.

• Buildings at noisy traffic areas.

• Banks, convenient stores, high level executive offices.

• Buildings in frequent stormy areas.

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