How to select wooden doors/windows?

How to select wooden doors/windows?

Monday, 26/09/2011 14:24


Together with the development of technology in producing construction materials, materials for producing doors/windows become more various to provide more options to the customers for their homes.

Together with the development of technology in producing construction materials, materials for producing doors/windows become more various to provide more options to the customers for their homes.

For outdoor doors/windows, they normally select uPVC, high quality aluminum doors/windows with dust-proof, noise and heat insulation, weatherproof functions. uPVC doors/windows are used for villas, hotels, high-ranking apartments and aluminum doors/windows and aluminum frame and glass body doors/windows are used for commercial centers, office buildings, exhibition centers…

Traditional and semi-traditional doors/windows for houses with classical architecture and interior

Different from outdoor doors/windows, indoor doors are not impacted directly by weather conditions and the temperature is also more stable and requirements on heat and noise insulation are lower so wooden doors are proper selection. Selection of wooden doors is also suitable for interior because most interior equipments are made of wood. This will create harmony for the living space to bring about the warm, fine and friendly feelings. In the past, they prefer wooden doors made of valuable wood such as Dinh, Lim, Sen, Tau, Cam Xe, Nghien or Lat Hoa to take advantages of good properities such as hard, firm, high compressing bearing ability, high woodworm-resistant and fine wood grains. However, when using wood with big size, doors can be shrinkage and sometime cracked due to change of temperature, humidity and weather.

Modern and Hitech line for houses with modern interior design.

Today, with the development of construction material production technology, wooden doors will not only bear its functions of doors made of wood valuable wood as mentioned above, they also have outstanding functions such as high stability, smooth closing and opening and tightness.

To have high stability, wood material before using for production must be treated to minimize humidity, warping, shrinkage, woodworm….Frames of door leaves can be made of natural wood or pieced wood with wood bars reversed accidentally through comb-tooth joints to destroy the non-stopping association of wood fibers and overcome the deformation, warping and reach the sustainability of the wood. Besides, doors are the place where bear regular beating force during closing and opening so they must be made of hard wood and door panels are big plates which are easy to be shinkaged and cracked, so they normally use MDF, HDF. The surface of the doors is made of pieced wood and panel is covered with a natural wood layer to increase aesthetic value and increase the durability of the products. Wood for the surface is selected carefully from good woods which is not woodworm and of nice wood grains.

Modern wood doors also use washer system to ensure smooth closing and opening and increase the noise insulation ability; Multi-point locks will be used for outdoor doors to increase security and normal looks will be used for indoor doors; 3D hinges will help to balance the doors to avoid door sloping.

In the market, wooden doors are normally provided with simple structures from small-scale production workshop. These workshops normally do not pay attention on investment into modern chain, equipments and technology so their products are not stable and normally delayed in process of delivery.

Currently, in Vietnam, many large-scale companies have invested in modern and advanced chain, equipments and technology to produce wooden doors with outstanding features. Besides common doors/windows lines introduced and loved in the market such as uPVC, aluminum, aluminum frame and glass body doors/windows lines, Eurowindow is currently offering the market with outdoor wooden doors/windows and indoor doors line with luxurious, durable, good-looking, even quality features and timely delivery schedule. With researches of Eurowindow and technology transfer from long time, famous and experienced wooden doors/windows producers from Europe, wooden products of Eurowindow will not only be of high stability, smooth closing and opening, tightness but also customized for different design styles from classical, semi-classical, modern to hi-tech architecture. For house with classical architecture and luxurious beauty, you can use classical or semi-classical lines. If interior follows the modern style, the selection of modern or hi-tech lines is totally suitable. Besides, Eurowindow also provide packaged services including design, production, installation and guarantee for the products.

If you have demand for wooden doors/windows, please contact branches, showrooms of Eurowindow and our specialists will consult you to select the suitable products.

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