Safe windows without window guards (VTC)

Safe windows without window guards (VTC)

Wednesday, 21/12/2016 09:27


Modern glass window is the result of technological advances in the field of construction.

Modern glass window is the result of technological advances in the field of construction.

Window structure with glass in the inside, wood shutters in the outer and window guard in the middle is the type that we often encounter in the house built many years ago. The purpose of using wood shutters or window guards is to help ensure the safety of the house against intruders from outside..

In recent years, with the development of applied technology in the production of building materials, the use of glass window is replacing the windows with glass, wooden shutters and window guards. Thus, the houses become more luxurious and more importantly the house safety is increasing thanks to the use of safety glass material.

Modern glass window is the result of technological advances in the field of construction. Structure of modern window includes glass box with inert gas filled between panes, double gasket system and metal fittings in synchronization with multi-point latches, hinges, locks which help to open and close windows in many different ways, adjust 3D making doors sealed.

This structure allows modern window to be sun-proof, drip-proof, dust-proof, noise-proof, heat insulation and prevent intrusion. One of the parts helping modern window to be considered as safety is glass box with Tempered glass, safety glass, Low-E glass. Tempered glass is the type of glass that can bear the force which is 4-5 times greater than normal glass of the same type and thickness, so it’s difficult to smash this type of glass.

In case of broken, safety glass with film layer between the glass layers will keep fragments remained in the door frame and not fallen out, so the possibility of intrusion is very small. In addition, to eliminate the concerns about the air circulation in the room, we can use the doors which can be opened in many different ways instead of using the shutters like before.

Modern window is safe without using window guard.

At the same time, using suitable curtain can make the room become more luxurious

If the house owner think that using wood panel window is necessary because it can adjust the light in the room while the glass window cannot do that, then the use of curtain is the optimum option. There are many types of curtain such as: cloth curtains, wood curtains, string curtains, rolling curtains, vertical blind curtains, roman curtains,…

Like windows, curtain has developed from the simple function of protecting the room from sun, heat, light and blocking vision when necessary to become an important part of overall interior. Not only that, curtains can also increase the aesthetic of the room when the color of the curtain is in harmony with the paint and furniture of the room.

In addition to satisfying the requirement of the house safety, with synchronized structure of the components, modern windows also have good dustproof, noise-proof and heat resistance function. These functions help to create quiet and comfortable living space in urban environment with noise, smoke, dust and save energy when using air conditioner to cool or heat the room.

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