The secret of success of Eurowindow CEO to be always in the spirit of start-up

The secret of success of Eurowindow CEO to be always in the spirit of start-up

Thursday, 30/11/2017 10:16


Up to now, Eurowindow has always maintained the leading in the market of door materials and large glass wall in Vietnam, Nguyen Canh Hong said that the secret of success is always in the spirit of start-up.

First start-up with uPVC plastic doors

In the early years of the 21st century, when the construction industry in Vietnam has a strong change in quality and quantity, and in Vietnam there is no concept of uPVC reinforced steel doors that people mainly use traditional doors with many disadvantages, Eurowindow came up with the bold idea to update uPVC door products under European standards into Vietnam market. “At that time, we have a great project in Vietnam and need to find the door has with many superior features but it is difficult to find out, therefore, the idea of ​​provision of modern plastic door products formed in the Vietnamese market, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong - General Director of Eurowindow said.

Eurowindow was officially established on August 29, 2002. In 2003, Eurowindow started to construct the first factory on an area of ​​21,500 m2 in Vinh Phuc. At the same time, the first uPVC doors with the brand of Eurowindow appeared on the Vietnamese market.

With nice model, modern design, high quality, but the change of use of wood door, the habit in the subconscious of the Vietnamese life is a great challenge for the founder of Eurowindow. “The conquest of the consumer is very hard for the pioneers. With the determination, we not only consistently and persistently invest in set goals, but also prepare a great financial resources to create market”, CEO Nguyen Canh Hong narrated.

Strategy on promotion and communication of products is wide to customers. Eurowindow has opened a new era of modern uPVC doors in Vietnam. From a new product that has not been marketed, within 4 years, the market acknowledged the widespread coverage of Eurowindow products with the rapidly increasing demand of consumers. Therefore, in 2005, Eurowindow built a second factory in Binh Duong with a modern production line, raising the total capacity of Eurowindow to 440,000 m2 per year. So far, over 5000 works have been in use by Eurowindow and Eurowindow has become a fashionable, sophisticated products for customers. High-end condominium projects are also installed by Eurowindow products.

Second start-up: Overcome the crisis

From 2008 to 2010, Eurowindow brand has been positioned as the market leader in Vietnam. Undoubtedly, people mention the door and large glass wall as Eurowindow - Like saying honda means motorbikes.

Furthermore, Eurowindow continues to invest in the development of aluminium doors and large glass wall systems to overcome all the disadvantages of traditional aluminium glass doors. Eurowindow aluminium doors and large glass wall have a high degree of the tightness, sound and heat insulation, prevent rainwater from penetrating through the door slit, which can be bent in a variety of shapes to be suitable for different architectures, to meet the strict requirements of standard aluminium doors and the needs of consumers.

Eurowindow's large aluminium glass wall not only meets the criteria of green products, but also with modern production line, automatic paint spraying line, which allows to maintain products in decades, scratch resistance, non-corrosive by normal chemicals or weathering and can be recycled after use.

The “sweet season” has come to Eurowindow advantageously, the global economic crisis of 2008 severely impacts on the Vietnamese market to make real estate market freeze. The Eurowindow is no exception, but in late 2008, Eurowindow continued to expand and build the most modern glass processing center in Hanoi and put the third factory in Da Nang into operation.

The bold decision to “overcome the crisis” in time of “financial storm of 2008-2010”, “Difficult is also a chance. With our carefully calculated and analysed strategies and our efforts, leadership and experience, investment, and timely strategic alignment, we have kept pace with the development. And the fact has proved that, the market is difficult, but the production and business activities of Eurowindow are always maintained stable and steady growth”, CEO Nguyen Canh Hong said.

Third start-up: “Dream of wood doors and windows”

The confidence of CEO Nguyen Canh Hong is not “illusory optimism” because the fact that in 2010, the Eurowindow brand has a solid foundation and strong stable financial resources.

In 2011, the real estate market continued to be quiet, dragging the construction material market down. In this context, Eurowindow announced the establishment of the fourth wooden door factory in Hanoi and the fifth in Binh Duong to make a surprise for the market.

“We invest in wood door production line with new technology, creating a different value for wood door products. Our wood doors are made from planted wood, with natural wood door panels, natural wood, mosaic wood, HDF wood, carefully selected and treated before being modified to increase the stability and durability, minimize the deformation of wood in the climatic conditions of Vietnam. The Eurowindow wood material is FSC certified - certified by the organization of afforestation and does not extend to natural wood sources”, CEO Nguyen Canh Hong said to explain this risky decision.

“The difference is the factor that makes Eurowindow successful”, Mr. Hong does not forget to emphasize.

Green philosophy and the strength “the spirt of start-up forever”

When looking back on the 3 start-ups in the last 15 years, what CEO Eurowindow best appreciated is the core values ​​that never change “Professional - Quality – Efficiency”. Especially since its establishment, Eurowindow has always set the criteria for sustainable development with green products in order to minimize negative impacts on the environment and bring ecological environment to users.

“We always put our business in the spirit of start-up, constantly innovate to create more value than cost for efficiency to increase the benefits for customers and the Company. These key factors have been and will become the strategic key of Eurowindow in the direction towards the leading solutions provider in the doors and windows of Vietnam, step by step reach the international level”, Mr. Nguyen Canh Hong sincerely shared.

In the coming time, Ew will expand its market share, transfer technology to developing countries in the region such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and others. Especially Myanmar, one of the potential developing markets. At the same time export to some countries like Japan and Australia.


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