What is safety and energy saving glass? (baoxaydung)

What is safety and energy saving glass? (baoxaydung)

Friday, 26/09/2014 10:54


In the past, Vietnamese Architecture was influenced by French architecture which are tile roof and 2 layer windows: shutters and glass

In the past, Vietnamese Architecture was influenced by French architecture which are tile roof and 2 layer windows: shutters and glass

Over many decades, the original glass windows which were only used for condominiums, high-rise buildings, are now widely used in private houses also, creating a new architectural trend which is more modern and more luxurious. The glass windows let maximum of natural light into the houses, bringing simple and elegant looks to both inside and outside the house.

However, many people are still afraid when choosing glass windows and doors for their houses because they think that glass is easy broken because of external factors such as storm or bad guys and also, glass absorbs heat from outside, making indoor space hot and unventilated. These are all problems of poor-quality glass. If the consumers are consulted in full about glass windows, they can get a solution ensuring quality of windows as well as comfort and aesthetics of their houses.

What is qualified glass?

Mr. Le Van Toi – Head of Building Materials Department of Construction Ministry impressed: "The design of glass windows, glass curtain walls is a modern design trend which is now favored by many people. However, from individual houses to high-rise buildings, the quality of glass should be focused on. Because if they are not chosen carefully, it not only causes inconvenience to users, but is also dangerous to outsiders. Through assessments and surveys, we highly evaluate Eurowindow glass products. The glass products of Eurowindow including toughened glass, safety glass or glass box meet all standards of quality, safety, sound resistance, heat resistance and are suitable with new trend of building materials that we are targeting. "

Being widely used in buildings is now tempered glass or semi-tempered glass with thickness of from 4mm up to 19mm depending on the requirements of the project. 2 characteristics of this type of glass is high toughness which helps it to withstand strong force, vibration, big thermal shocks ... Along with these two types of glass, there is a new type of glass chosen by many house owners. It is a safety glass with a special structure: two single glasses washed with deionized water and then pressed together by PVB film. This type of safety glass can withstand hard shocks and difficult to be broken. In case of broken, danger is minimized for users as glass pieces stay firm in the window frame. Therefore it is used in windows and doors to minimize intrusion from outside.

What is energy saving glass?

Toughened glass or safety glass has a certain level of heat resistance, thus save energy used in the house. However to help glass have best energy saving ability, customers should use glass box. Glass box with spaces pumped with argon (a noble gas) allows glass to minimize noise, increase heat resistance thus saving the maximum cost of electricity used for air conditioners and lighting system.

Along with high heat resistance capacity, the soundproof ability of glass box will also give users a quiet and comfortable living space. This is particularly meaningful for the houses located near roads or in populated areas.

Choosing a reputable supplier

House owners should come to the reputable suppliers to get specific and suitable advices for each type of project. These suppliers always give their customers optimal solutions and have received trust of customers who used the product. At the end of 2013, two major hurricanes have caused serious damages to central provinces, but there were buildings which had overcome heavy rain, strong wind thanks to using glass doors or glass curtain walls of Eurowindow. In particular, Da Nang Cancel Hospital is typical example. Dr. Trinh Luong Tran, director of Da Nang Cancer Hospital, said: "The building has a large area of glass so during recent hurricanes, we were afraid that glass would be broken, causing unsafety to patients and doctors. But luckily the glass doors are not damaged, even water is not able to leak in from outside”

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