Why do many artists choose uPVC doors for their houses ?

Why do many artists choose uPVC doors for their houses ?

Tuesday, 29/10/2013 10:00


For more than 10 years of presence in the market, uPVC doors has helped to change the urban architecture, but few people know that these products also contribute to the art creativeness of many artists.

For more than 10 years of presence in the market, uPVC doors has helped to change the urban architecture, but few people know that these products also contribute to the art creativeness of many artists.

Rather than giving the satisfaction to those artists who have used the products, currently uPVC doors is being considered the choice trend of not only the artists but also of the works related to art activities.

For the artist, the house is not only of the home, but also the space to inspire the creativity. In their life, they are always faced with the stage’s sounds and lights; therefore, it is very meaningful for them to have a cozy, gentle and friendly space separated with noisy streets! The more careful the artists elaborates in the art, the more careful and fussier they are in building their house, especially in choosing the doors. Because the door is not only the entrance that helps to communicate with the outside world but also to maintain a quiet and private space required by the owner. That is the reason why many fastidious artists with deep understanding about architecture choose premium uPVC doors for their houses.

With 10 years experience in supplying doors for thousands of domestic projects, Eurowindow becomes the leading door company in Vietnam. So many famous artists such as People’s Artist Trung Duc, Composers Phu Quang, Quang Le, Quoc Bao, Singers Cam Van, Ho Quynh Huong and Ngoc Anh, Actress Truong Ngoc Anh, Dancers Cam Anh... and the concert hall of Hanoi Conservatory of Music did not hesitate to choose Eurowidow’s uPVC premium doors.

Visiting the house of singer Ho Quynh Huong, the first impression is the green leaves in the summer sun covering the European-style windows, which makes the villa become really splendid. Being a picky person, Ho Quynh Huong takes meticulous care of every detail of the house. The singer said: "For Quynh Huong, If there is a thing I know it's not perfect, I will try my best to make it more complete. Huong's house probably also made a record of the longest building time. It was broken down about four times, and if it does not make me satisfied as I feel at the present, I am willing to pull it down once again."

By regularly traveling and experiencing the superior properties of premium uPVC doors, this singer appreciated the features of noise and sound insulation and aestheticism of the Eurowidow’s doors in creating the artist's living space. For Ho Quynh Huong, living space must reveals the spirit and personality of the owner. It must be not only arrogant, sumptuous but also warm and peaceful. With this point of view, the three-storey beautiful villa surrounded by a small garden with ornamental plants and lakes which make the flexibility are designed and arranged by this beautiful singer. To live in the nature, the beautiful mistress calculated to get the lights through each pane.

One thing that the singer of "Dream in Life" is incredibly excited about when living in her apartment is that the large glass windows help to expand the space. From the kitchen to the vanity of Ho Quynh Huong are placed next to the "dreamy sky" windows, from which she can work on her voice, relax and watch the scenes in her sight.

Unlike the ‘house on the street "of singer Ho Quynh Huong, the house of the artist couple Cam Van - Khac Trieu is located in a small alley on Ho Bieu Chanh Street (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City), but this "house in the alley" is impressive thanks to the spacious and airy space, an interesting and peaceful relaxing place.

Cam Van told that her family moved to this alley over 5 years ago. When building her house she only required to design that "when I sit in the living room, I do not want to leave to anywhere." And the solution that architects choose is to use glass bearing walls, design many windows and arrange the well cleverly so that any position of the house can get natural lights.

Most people invited to the home of famous couple like the natural campus of their house. Artist Cam Van "revealed" the living room is the most favourite place of Khac Trieu because he can relax, sipping a cup of coffee every morning or every evening. He likes welcoming the friends in this place. The talks will be comfortable among the trees, wind and sunny sky. And Cam Van loves overlooking the large windows to watch magnificent Saigon with the shimmering beauty at night. She told that sitting by the window to catch a cool breeze and watch the things she loves helps her feel relaxed.

Unlike the luxurious homes of famous singers, "the place to return" of composer Le Quang is simple, cozy and full of happiness with his good wife Cam Tho. Not too noisy like the music that Le Quang is pursuing, perhaps this is the reason why he chose to live in his quiet space between the prosperous Saigon. The house is not too large, but with the precise arrangement of singer Cam Tho, it becomes an airy space, expanding in both width and height. Along with compliments about the layout of his wife, artist Le Quang laughed and said: "I particularly love the white door panels because they create the charm and harmony to the house".

Le Quang always spends most of his time in the studio at home to regularly listen to his and his colleagues’ musical works. Mr. Le Quang said he is very pleased when he stands by the window, from where he inspired and launched many artistic works that win the hearts of music lovers all over the country.

A quiet space has a leading significance in creating the art works. That is the reason why Eurowindow’s uPVC doors currently become the favourite choice of artists for their living space, where is associated with everyday life as well as the art work of each person./.

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