Eurowindow Holding organized the Mid-Autumn Volunteerism Festival 2017

Eurowindow Holding organized the Mid-Autumn Volunteerism Festival 2017

Wednesday, 20/02/2019 15:25


To open the arms of charity, spread the volunteer activities, to bring joy and spiritual encouragement for children in difficult circumstances or severe illness, Eurowindow Holding organized a program of volunteer 2017 with many meaningful activities in two days (28/9 and 29/9).

Mid-Autumn Festival is a meaningful custom, a chance to reunite... and the special Tet holiday for the children to celebrate the moon, but for children who are treated in the hospital, it is a concept far away from the sound of the mid-autumn songs, eagerly, curious to watch people display the tray five fruits.

On the afternoon of 28/9/2017, Eurowindow Holding visited and organized the "Mid-Autumn Festival" for children under treatment at K Hospital (Tan Trieu campus). Their innocent laughter as they enjoyed the circuses, circus, magic... from the artists of the National Circus Union made the doctors and parents really touched and felt the significance of the program.

Pediatric patients at K Hospital (Tan Trieu campus) participate in circus performances with artists from the circus of Vietnam

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Vuong Dinh Hoai said: "Eurowindow Holding is one of the big corporations, always associates the interests of enterprises with the common interests of society in the process of development, actively participate in work for the community". Mr. Hoai also wants the program to help dispel the pain, tired and bring fun for the children. Hope those children always be strong, patiently fighting with disease. Wishing the doctors and nurses at K Hospital have more health to continue contributing to the good of society, wishing the parents will always be strong to support and encourage the children to overcome the difficult period.

Mr. Vuong Dinh Hoai - Representative of Eurowindow Holding's Board of Directors encouraging the patients being treated at Hospital K (Tan Trieu Campus)

Representatives of Eurowindow Holding gave nearly 80 gifts to children in hospital (each gift includes moon toys and 500,000 VND in cash).

Continuing Mid-term volunteer activities, in the afternoon of September 29, representatives of Eurowindow Holding continued to visit Thien An Shelter at Group 1, Tan Xa Commune, Thach That District, Hanoi.

The shelter was built by Mr. Kieu Van Tinh in 2012 and is currently raising and caring for 12 children from 1 to 9 years old. These are very special circumstances, orphaned parents and abandoned children.

"The shelter now has 4 nuns to take care of the children, also received help and funding from some donors, but some months still not enough to care for all 12 children. There are 6 children from 9 months to 3 years old need diaper and milk, 6 children go to school from grade 1 to 3 need books, school things, not including costs for the children activities. Sometimes the parson who is responsible for the shelter have to call for support for the children"- Nun Dang Thi Phuc - a nurse at Thien An Shelter said.

Bring the joyful atmosphere to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival for the children at Thien An Shelter, Eurowindow Holding JSC held the program "Mid-Autumn Festival of Love", with the participation of the artists from the Vietnam Circus. Representatives of the company also presented Thien An Shelter with many gifts including rice, fish sauce, monosodium glutam (MSG), milk, candy, fruits, blankets, cash with the total value of nearly 50 millionn VND.

Mr. Vuong Dinh Hoai - Representative of the Eurowindow Holding Board presented gifts to the nurses at Thien An Shelter

Father Anton Vu Thai Son – The head of the shelter said: "Thanks to the heart of the Board of Directors, employees of Eurowindow Holding company for their concern and help. The program really brings to children the moments of warmth and sense of humanity. Here, the children have never had a Mid-Autumn Festival so thoughtful and majestic. We look forward to continuing to receive the support of donors. Wishing the company Eurowindow Holding have more and more development.”

Father Anton Vu Thai Son – The head of the Thien An Shelter warmly thanked the attention of the company Eurowindow Holding

Representatives of Eurowindow Holding's Board of Directors, Mr. Vuong Dinh Hoai sent his wishes to Father. Anthony Vu Thai Son and nurses at Thien An Shelter to take care of the children better, to wish the babies to be good, to learn good to become useful people, succeed and help others.

Below are some photos of the children happy Mid-Autumn Festival:

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