Eurowindow’s Employees Defend Suggestions for Improvement at Company Level

Eurowindow’s Employees Defend Suggestions for Improvement at Company Level

Wednesday, 06/03/2019 15:46


On Febuary 9th, 2018, Eurowindow hosted a Defense of Suggestions for Improvement at Company level year 2017. Hosting the defense were Mr. Luong Quoc Binh – The first Deputy Director General in charge of Production and Materials and the board of judges comprising of company Unit leaders. The defense is connected via conference with branches across the country.

Mr. Luong Quoc Binh spoke at the defense: “In 2017, the company has 287 ideas in total, 203 of which have been considered and rewarded on the spot; 133 suggestions have participated in the defense at Unit level; 74 were approved at Unit level; 51 were suggested at Company level. Specifically, Hanoi Office has 6 suggestions at Company level, Ho Chi Minh city branch has 6, Factory 1 has 37, Factory 2 has 2. Therefore in 2017, the total suggestions for improvement in the whole company accounted for 102% of the target and suggestions at Company level have increased 170%, surpassed the set target”.

According to Mr. Binh, Suggestions for Improvement is aimed to find effective solutions to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve product quality. With the result achieved in 2017, company Board of Directors will continue to build and promote the Kaizen campaign at division/department in the year 2018. The Board will simultaneously monitor production at factories, production lines, equipment in order to put forward solutions aiming to improve product quality and productivity in the following months. So as to encourage employees, the company tightens the control of operations, arranges meetings, awards, commends suggestions in time, accordance with regulations, bringing authors motivation to have more ideas.

At the defense of suggestions for improvement 2017, board of judges highly appreciated suggestions of employees for quality and effectiveness in production. Mr. Trinh Ngoc Man from Ho Chi Minh branch and Mr. Hoang Anh Thong from New Product Development Division with Plastic 04-panel Hanging Door was most appreciated by Expert Council and awarded more than 62 million VND.

Besides the above suggestions, many of other employees’ suggestions were highly valued and approved worthy rewards. It is worth mentioning the idea of Writing Visuabasic software application for rough drafting, calculating norm, glass list and pushing sample form ERP, QTSX for wooden residence door from Mr. Nguyen Tuan Son – Wood Technical Division – Hanoi Office. The suggestion has been approved a more than 57 million VND award.

Mr. Hong Anh Quoc – Head of IT Division – Hanoi Office, Mr. Vu Xuan Son – IT staff of Ho Chi Minh branch, Mr. Nguyen Minh Huy – IT staff of Ho Chi Minh branch with the suggestion Building software application for managing contract progress was awarded with 54,9 million VND.

Mr. Le Van Tien, Mr. Tran Duc Trong, Mr. Le Thanh Long from Glass Factory were awarded 41,5 million VND with suggestion Designing, manufacturing C hook to get glass package on glass container.

Mr. Le Tri Huu – Director of Factory 1, the representative of the Unit with the most suggestions in 2017 shared: “In the recent years, the Campaign of Suggestions for Improvement in general and especially at Factory 1 has witnessed certain improvement. I still think that improvement is a constant process, especially with the production activity. It is because small improvements will bring small benefits and multiple big improvements will bring big benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, every year we still establish Suggestions for Improvement activity, every 4 months we will carry out evaluations and at the end of the year we will have review. Wrapping the defense of Suggestions for Improvements of the whole Company, we see that these particular ideas have brought very big benefits to the Company”.

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