Eurowindow’s Employees Defend Suggestions For Improvement Year 2017

Eurowindow’s Employees Defend Suggestions For Improvement Year 2017

Monday, 25/02/2019 16:17


Year 2017 marks the 15th year Eurowindow is presented in the market and also the year Eurowindow has earned multiple victories. Besides managing, organizing effectively business, Eurowindow Board of Directors always encourages employees to provide suggestions for improvement on actual production procedure, enterprise management. The solutions to minimize costs, maximize product qualities assists Eurowindow in proving its position and the role of the number 1 General Solution Provider for door, step by step reaching international standards.

On the afternoon of December 28th, in the Head Office, Eurowindow Office Building, no. 2 Ton That Tung, Hanoi, Eurowindow’s employees participated in the regional defense of suggestions for improvement year 2017.

At the regional defense of suggestions for improvement year 2017, Hanoi Office had 11 suggestions from multiple departments. Multiple suggestions for improvement were highly praised on the feasibility. The highest rated suggestions will be chosen for the company-level regional defense.

It can be said that, in the era of economic integration, the competition between enterprises is expressed through products, techniques, technologies, management methodologies… All these factors are created by human. Therefore, the enterprise that has excellent employees with knowledge on techniques, creativity, innovations is the initiating and successful enterprise.

In the building and development process, Eurowindow always identifies human as the top factor to create the enterprise success. The company always creates a professional, active environment, encouraging creativity, enhancing performance, wishing a long-term bond with employees. Therefore, every year, besides specialized training program, the company constantly encourages employees in order to maximize advantages.

In the past years, the creative movement of Eurowindow has received positive response from employees across the country, increase in both quantity and quality. Company Board of Directors always highly appreciates employees’ professionalism and constant innovation as well as Eurowindow’s great improvements after 15 years. Consequently, contests which aim to bring Professionalism – Quality – Performance is encouraged. With the intelligence and quickness of Eurowindow’s employees, the suggestions for improvement year 2017 are more and more rated for quality.

List of suggestions for improvement from employees of Hanoi Office

  1. Mr. Nguyen Trong Cuong – Employee of Research and Develop New Product Division with suggestion Improving Aluminum bowl RMB11000 used for Unitized system.
  2. Mr. Ho Anh Duong – Deputy Director General of Plastic Product Techniques with suggestion Designing and making videos presenting usability, technical standards, using instructions… of products about on sales.
  3. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Son – Head of the Designing Wood Details department with suggestion Writing Visuabasic software application for rough drafting, calculating norm, glass list and pushing sample form ERP, QTSX for wooden residence door.
  4. Mr. Tran Ngoc Thach – Employee of Research and Develop New Product Division with suggestion Creating interior and exterior decoration utilizing aluminum profile DC at the factory.
  5. Mr. Dao Van Duong – Employee of Research and Develop New Product Division with suggestion Installing bar for doors and glass edge at the construction.
  6. Mr. Tran Nghia Thanh – Head of Showroom 1 with the suggestion Solution to push sales of promotion products.
  7. Mr. Le Hoai Nam – Marketing and Communications with 2 suggestions Synchronizing advertising images shown on showroom’s TV and office nation-wide; Building internal information site.
  8. Ms. Hoang Thu Ha – Deputy Director General of Marketing and Communications with suggestion Creating and managing online website from Eurowindow’s sales executives.
  9. Mr. Nguyen Tung Viet – Head of Design Department, Marketing and Communication Division with 2 suggestions Provide company’s advertising document to customers the fastest, reduce the printing work; Creating a Youtube channel on reviewing, rating, instruct use of Eurowindow’s products.
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