Highlights of Eurowindow Holding Talent Show

Highlights of Eurowindow Holding Talent Show

Thursday, 21/02/2019 17:33


The year 2017 marks the 10th year that Eurowindow Holding (EWH) (2007-2017) builds and expands in the Vietnam market.

On the occasion of Eurowindow Holding’s 10th anniversary, in order to pay tribute to all employees’ contribution to the development of the Corporation in the past period, Corporation Board of Directors has organized multiple events such as: Deals on Eurowindow River Park apartments for employees; Tribute journey in Quang Binh, Quang Tri; Volunteer activities; Miss Eurowindow Holding 2017 and especially, the Talent Show EWH is one of the shows that left a mark. Through the show, employees who are not only excellent in their specialties but also in the art sector will be spotted. The most exceptional entries will be performed at the Corporation’s 10th year anniversary event on December 23rd.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong – The head of the organizing committee gives the opening remarks

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong – Director of Eurowindow Holding Real Estate Transaction – Head of the organizing committee shared: “The Talent show Eurowindow Holding is one of the activities in the event of Eurowindow Holding Corporation’s 10th year of establishment, following Eurowindow Holding Talent Show 2014. This year the Organizing Committee continued to host the second season of Eurowindow Holding Talent Show with the purpose of creating a valuable, professional and sizable playground, encouraging employees to show their talents on every fields, the bravery, the self-confidence on the stage, through this enhancing the solidarity, the bond between employees working at Eurowindow Holding Corporation”.

After 1 month, the Organizing Committee has received 13 entries varied in forms such as: Slow music singing, Chau Van singing, Dance, Fashion catwalk, Drama, Solo instrument performance…

The show has widely gained the attention of employees with 13 entries. All of the entries were sophisticatedly and uniquely prepared.

Among these, the comedy sketch “The pageant show” of the Accounting of Member Companies Division left the audience rolling on the floor laughing with engaging, intelligent script and professional acting of the amateurs of the Accounting Division.

The comedy sketch “Pageant show” is at the second place of the competition

With the elegance and skills of “Fashion designers”, along with the professional and impressive acting of “models” from Eurowindow Holding Real Estate Transaction, the audience witnessed an appealing and meaningful fashion show which was made completely from paper. Each design represented one project that Eurowindow Holding Real Estate Transaction was working on domestically and internationally. This is also the performance that came in first.

The impressive “Fashion show” performance from Eurowindow Holding Real Estate Transaction

And exceptionally gained the Special prize in the Eurowindow Holding 2017 Talent Show were the Chau van singing performed by “artists” who came from the Legislation Division. The professional and unique performance provided the audience a Chau Van singing that was on par with those of professionals on big stage.

Chau Van performance exceptionally gained the Special prize, performed by “artists” form the Legislation Dept
The solo flute performance

The harmonious and lingering flute in the solo performance of “Giac mo trua” of Mr. Nguyen Ba Bui from the Investing Department brought the audience deep emotions. The performance was praised by the Organizing Committee and earn the third place.

Zumba performance from Eurowindow Holding’s Human Resource Division, Auditing Division of member companies: T&M, Thang Long, Decotech, Thanh Hoa…
Nhung anh sao dem performed by Mr. Le Dinh Tinh – Thanh Hoa Showroom
The performance of Anh trang noi ho long toi in Chinese by Ms. Tran Thi Kim Tho, Economic construction Division
The song Dong mau lac hong by Mr. Trinh Xuan Nam from Melinh PLAZA Company
The solo organ performance of Bai ca hy vong by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Giang – Project Manager
Hay den voi nhung con nguoi Viet Nam toi performed by Economic Construction Division
Nguoi Ha Noi performed by Ms. Van Anh from HICC1 Company
The singing and playing violin of Anh trang noi ho long toi by Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc An from Board of Directors Office
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