Week 6 Internal Encouraging Lucky Draw Program for Sales Executives

Week 6 Internal Encouraging Lucky Draw Program for Sales Executives

Wednesday, 06/03/2019 15:42


On the afternoon of February 02nd, Eurowindow continued to host Lucky draw and awarding ceremony for Sales Executives in week 7 in the Launch of private house sales competitive promoting welcoming the new year 2018. The program witnessed the participation of sales leaders along with 33 sales executives who had valid lucky draws.

Up to the end of the 6th week, total sales of the Northern area have reached 36,135 billion VND, having surpassed the 33,791 billion VND target. Respectively, sales of Plastic Sales Division reached 12,464 billion VND, 88% of the target, Aluminum Sales Division acquired 8,629 billion VND, 96% of the target. It is worth mentioning that the Wood Sales Division has exceptionally surpassed the target at 146%, 11,619 billion VND. Foreign Sales Division obtained the sales of 3,423 billion VND, having completed 127% of the target.

In the 6th week only, sales warriors of Eurowindow have been promoting the sales of private house, bringing back more than 5,29 billion VND of sales. With 395 valid draws, the Organizing Committee has found 07 luckiest sales executives, awarded 02 first prizes (2 million each) and 05 second prizes (1 million each).

List of winners in the 6th week:

Prize Sales Executive Department
First Prize

Doan Van Trinh

Duong Thanh Trung

POS Agency

Long Bien Showroom

Second Prize

Nguyen Thi Hang

Pham Tuyet Trang

Dao Trong Thanh

Hoang Dinh Tuan

Nguyen Anh Viet

Thanh Hoa Showroom

Sales of Plastic Project

POS Agency

Sales of Plastic Project

Direct Sales

According to the business administration unit, up to now, the Launch of competitive promoting of private house sales, internal encouragement for Northern sales executives welcoming the new year 2018 has ended, closing sales at 40,439 billion VND.

Some departments have successfully surpassed the goals such as: Direct Sales Division (5,634 billion VND, 349% of target), Direct Sales Department (3,288 billion VND, 271% of target), Domestic Sales Division (2,756 billion VND, 292% of target), Project Sales Department (2,705 billion VND, 223% of target) …

According to plan, in the 07th week, besides awarding the lucky draw prizes, the organizing committee will award the Special prize of 20 million VND in cash to Sales Executives who has the highest sales (including, divisions, showrooms, agencies, projects); final prize for sales executives who have the highest, second and third highest sales; the final prize for showrooms/departments/regions which have the highest, second and third highest sales.

Some images of week 6 awarding ceremony:


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