Eurowindow contributes to the creation of green villas in Khai Son Hill Long Bien

Eurowindow contributes to the creation of green villas in Khai Son Hill Long Bien

Friday, 04/01/2019 16:35


Contributing to creating green, environment-friendly buildings has remained one of Eurowindow's goals as the leading door provider in Vietnam for the past 15 years

Due to its prestigious reputation in the market, Eurowindow products have always been the first choice for many large projects, including Khai Son Hill. Recently, Khai Son Joint Stock Company has chosen Eurowindow as the provider and installer of doors, windows and partitions for Khai Son Hill project in Ngoc Thuy, Thuong Thanh Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.

Shaped like a hill right in the heart of the city, Khai Son Hill shall breathe new life and deliver a new level of class to the elite. The project coves an area of over 2 hectares in the total planned ​​180ha of Khai Son City Long Bien urban area, bringing about the feng shui of “prosperity”. Hailed as the Beverly Hills of Hanoi, Khai Son Hill Long Bien Villas combines all three modern, classic and semi-classical styles together. Each mansion shall be built on a large hill following green architectural standards. 66 villas are shaped like 66 pairs of wings gathering at the sacred land of the dragon Khai Son.

Model of Khai Son Hill Long Bien

Amidst the place where cloud and water unite, along with a large park covered in green trees, Khai Son Hill shall bring to its residents the feeling of living in harmony with nature, away from the dust of the city. An ecological life style in luxurious homes right at the center of the Capital city, yet ensuring the maximum privacy for yourself is what the owner of Khai Son project wishes to give each villa owner.

Not only designed the villas in the green space of the hill filled with plants and flowers, the owner of Khai Son Hill Long Bien project are also very careful in choosing materials to meet the green standards, ensuring the friendliness to the environment. And this is the reason why he chose Eurowindow.

In this project, Eurowindow provides about 10,000 square meters of doors and large glass-aluminum partitions including windows, doors and glass partitions. The entire door system uses the European accessory system, the space between glass layers shall be injected with noble gas to provide high noise and thermal insulation, creating a quiet living space for the owners of the villas.

Eurowindow aluminum window will contribute to bringing green space into each villa in Khai Son Hill Long Bien

Eurowindow aluminum door products meet the criteria of green materials because they are manufactured using modern and advanced technologies, which enable them to have high durability, high scratch resistance, high corrosion resistance against common chemical products, high weather resistance and last but not least, being recyclable.

For aluminum products, the aesthetic often depends on the paint job, therefore Eurowindow has invested in an automatic paint spraying system using an integrated system of electrostatic coating and powder coating. This is the most modern coating technology today and consists of pre-treatment system, powder spray room, drying system, conveyor system, electrical control system. Especially, with the entirely automatic wastewater treatment system imported from Singapore, the waste water from Eurowindow factory is processed to meet the "A Grade" standard - the highest standard of Vietnam in environmental protection.

Eurowindow door and large glass-aluminum partition system, along with its excellent features and inherent ability to collect natural light, shall help synchronize the space in each villa with the green space outside and optimize electricity used for lighting. On each green hill, upon opening the large doors, the owners of villas will be greeted with the fresh wind filled with life force and an abundance of energy from nature.

Eurowindow is estimated to complete the installation within 5 months from the date of signing the contract.

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