Eurowindow cooperated with Bunka Shutter in Japan

Eurowindow cooperated with Bunka Shutter in Japan

Monday, 21/01/2019 17:08


Receiving the invitation of the Board of Directors of Bunka Shutter Group, from May 07th to May 10th 2018, the delegation of officers and managers of Eurowindow have visited a few factories and negotiated, exchanged experience with its partner in Japan.

The delegation consisted of members of the Board of Managers of the Sales Division, Engineering Division, Import & Export… - Which are the Divisions that have been working directly and indirectly with Bunka Shutter Group in the recent time.

Setting their feet on Japanese soil, the delegation has been warmly received by Bunka Shutter Group. In the first working day, the delegation worked at and enjoyed a trip at Bunka Shutter Company – one of the members of the Bunka Shutter Group, which had signed a Memorandum of strategic partnership with Eurowindow from 2016.

Eurowindow’s delegations takes a photo at the Headquarters of Bunka Group

Bunka Shutter is a reputable brand in producing high quality doors such as: Safety fire-proof shutter, automatic anti-thief shutter, fire-proof doors, entrance door for luxurious apartment… and construction materials. With over 60 years of experience working in Japan, the products of Bunka Shutter are currently being used throughout Japan, and are highly regarded for their quality as well as aesthetic and have been exported to many Asian countries such as: Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan (China)….

Through the exchange and introduction regrading Bunka Shutter Group, the members of the delegation had a better understanding of the history of the partner and was especially impressed with their strict management and control over the processes of production, sales, design and construct and the process of product maintenance and employee training, not only just in terms of workmanship but also working style, complying with the regulations and production process of the factories…

Representative of the management of Bunka Shutter delivers welcoming speech to the delegation of Eurowindow

With its role as a strategic partner, Bunka said that they shall continue to work alongside with Eurowindow in development and elevating their brands to become the leader in Asean region. In terms of products and market, both parties shall cooperate in developing the products that have already been their strong points, developing new product lines for constructions via the system of showrooms of Eurowindow in Vietnam and bringing the products of Eurowindow to the showrooms of Bunka Shutter in the international market. Regarding training and management, Bunka Shutter shall aid Eurowindow in production management and administration to enhance the effectiveness of Eurowindow.

Representative of Bunka Shutter sharing experience regarding effective management

At the second working day, the delegation of Eurowindow moved to Oyama city, of Tochigi province to visit the Research center for living beings, environment and Disaster Prevention (formerly named LIC Research and Development Center). This is the institute for experiment, research and development of products, examination and assessment the different features of products based on the leading standard on safety, suitability and meet the requirements of the consumers in accordance with the common development trend(s) across the world.

Eurowindow delegation visits and takes a photo with Leader of Research center for living beings, environment and Disaster Prevention

At the same afternoon, the delegation visited Oyama factory specialized in sliding door, door, rolling shutter door…

Representative of Oyama factory shares information regarding the actual state of production, plans and specific goals for 2018

Continuing the trip at the land of the rising sun, at May 09th, the delegation made their way to Saitama province to visit and work at the two factories of Bunka Shutter Group being: BX TR and BX Bunka Kogei. Not only impressed upon hearing about the activities of the company, about the features and advantages, the delegation also had a chance to witness directly the serious and professional working atmosphere with high degree of sense of responsibility, the production process being automated to the highest level, reducing manual labor working, which helps increase work safety and at the same time ensure the optimized accuracy, high quality for the products.

Eurowindow delegation works at two factories of Bunka Group in Saitama province.

Finishing the work trip that helps deepen the bond with strategic partner Bunka Shutter, Mr. Luong Quoc Binh – First deputy general director of Eurowindow gave his thank on behalf of the entire delegation for the warm and enthusiastic hospitality of the Group,

The leaders of both parties agree to frequently exchange information and arrange work program at Vietnam and Japan to help cement their long-term and strong partnership. These visits are the occasions that allow the managers and employees of both sides to exchange their knowledge and experience, update the most advanced and modern technologies in the world, to share the methods of managing the works efficiently.

A few other photos of the delegation at Japan:


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