Eurowindow gifted 11,000 stainless steel chairs to the Cultural Houses of the border towns of Bien Bien, Lao Cai province

Eurowindow gifted 11,000 stainless steel chairs to the Cultural Houses of the border towns of Bien Bien, Lao Cai province

Tuesday, 15/01/2019 08:56


As an agreement to the program "Circle of compassion" by the People's Committee of Hanoi after its launch at the conference "Hanoi 2017 - Cooperation in investment and development", Eurowindow. JSC has gifted 11,000 stainless steel chairs to the culture houses of the border communes of two northern mountain provinces being Dien Bien and Lao Cai.

On April 17, at Dien Bien Phu Victory Monument, Eurowindow Joint Stock Company has presented 6,000 chairs to the People's Committee of Dien Bien province. This is the timely support and encouragement of the Company for the local authority better invest in and equip them with facilities for the culture houses in remote areas where the funding is still very limited.

Representative of Eurowindow Joint Stock Company gifting 6,000 stainless steel chairs to The People’s Committee of Dien Bien province

Attending the ceremony, of the People's Committee of Dien Bien province, there were representatives of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Department of Education and Training, the representative and leader of the Department of Culture and Information of the city, and other divisions and agencies under the Department.

Giving his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Doan Van Chi, deputy director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that Dien Bien has only one provincial culture house, 7/10 culture houses at district level, 50/130 at commune-level, and 457/1813 at the hamlet level, with equipment and facilities remaining greatly limited.

Due to being a mountainous province with extremely difficult living conditions, the system of cultural houses in Dien Bien province have mainly been constructed and equipped with the funds from the annual program of the Government and the fund from the investment budget for poor, therefore the budget is very limited. The cooperation between the sponsor and the People's Committee of Hanoi will contribute to the improvement of the local life of the local citizens, helping to spread and construct the new rural area at the mountainous provinces that are still encountering numerous difficulties.

Representative of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Dien Bien province expresses his gratitude to the Eurowindow and promised to use the chairs for the correct purpose which is to serve the people.

Continuing the chain of activities sponsoring the cultural houses in 10 northern mountainous provinces, on April 19th 2018, at Bat Xat district (Lao Cai), Eurowindow proceeded to donate another 5,000 stainless steel chairs to the People’s Committee of the province so that the People’s Committee can allocate said chairs to the cultural houses of 23 border communes.

It is reported that the culture houses of the commune and hamlet level have been receiving care and support from the People’s Committee of Lao Cai province. However, due to many difficulties still prevail therefore the equipment and facilities for meetings of the culture houses are still limited and small in number. As a result, these thousands of stainless steel chairs shall prove to be of great help in completing the facilities of the culture houses – where people would hold community activities, studies, thus gradually raise the living conditions and morale of the people living in border regions.

Representatives of Eurowindow presented the stainless steel chairs to the representative of Lao Cai Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

As a leader in the field of building materials in Vietnam, over the past 15 years, Eurowindow has always been combining its own interests with the interests of the community. In addition to business objectives that contribute to the state budget, Eurowindow has been an active participant in community work, assisting the general development of the society via many meaningful activities, such as: giving presents to children in charity shelters, poor children who overcome difficulties to study well, giving savings books to former youth volunteers in the war against France, supporting the housing fund for people who made sacrifice in the revolution, gifting umbrellas to the traffic police force throughout the country ... In the upcoming future, Eurowindow will continue to organize social activities, and accompany charity programs in order to deliver a better life for the people. This is a beautiful gesture, representing the core values of a good brand.

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