Eurowindow helped complete the luxurious design of TOYOTA showroom and offices in Thanh Hoa

Eurowindow helped complete the luxurious design of TOYOTA showroom and offices in Thanh Hoa

Monday, 21/01/2019 17:45


In order to deliver to the customers the best experience during their visits and works at the largest car showroom in Thanh Hoa, recently, TOYOTA Doanh Thu Thanh Hoa Co. Ltd has officially selected Eurowindow as the supplier of the entire glass partition and door system, adding finishing touches to the constructions to bring it into operation.

Being a large – scale official agency of TOYOTA at Thanh Hoa, the showroom and offices are built on an area of 2,800 m2 with the total investment budget of 100 billion dong, aiming for a synchronization in the design and quality of the showroom, transaction office, maintenance and reparation workshop of TOYOTA automobiles.

According to the design of the Investor, in addition to the workspace of the offices, the showroom of TOYOTA Doanh Thu Thanh Hoa is divided into 05 sections consisting of: product display section, customer lounge, service section, relaxation section for customer, new car handover section.

Perspective inside the construction

Following the modern showroom design trend of using glass as the main component, which both delivers the modern and luxurious style to the establishment and allows the customers to look at all the angles and details of the products on display, the Investor has chosen glass curtain wall and Spider fitting system, using tempered glass for the construction. The Spider fitting system is a modern construction solution, with its glass panels being secured by a fitting structure that resembles spider legs. Point-support system, including laminated glass and tempered glass panels being supported by the suitable accessories, such as spider fittings. The glass panels are not interrupted by the aluminum bar, creating a sense of freedom, with a clear view for the users, also generating the aesthetic to the construction.

In addition, alongside with the glass curtain wall design, to ensure safety and effective protection from outside elements, minimizing to the highest degree the negative effects to the users, the Investor also uses safety glass wall panels of Eurowindow. The PVB film on such panels can eliminate almost completely the harmful effects of UV rays, blocking harmful light that are dangerous to human health, protecting the products on display, minimizing the fading of color.

Pursuant to the Contract, Eurowindow shall provide TOYOTA Doanh Thu Thanh Hoa Company over 400m2 of glass wall panels, including Spider system glass wall panel, coated glass-aluminum partition with 05 years of warranty and glass partition wall with coated base.

Plus, the construction also uses the door products of Eurowindow such as automatic sliding door, hydraulic double/single door, double/single swing door, aluminum decorative louvre…

The door products and large glass-aluminum partition of Eurowindow can overcome most of the disadvantages of other common glass-aluminum products in the market due to structures meeting European standards, with high tightness. Profile made from high-grade aluminum alloy coated using advanced technology therefore satisfying the requirements regarding hardness, possessing high aesthetics.

Perspective of the exterior of the project with a lot of glass coverage.

Residing at the intersection between avenue 51 and Vo Nguyen Giap avenue (Thanh Hoa city), it is estimated that the number of visitors and customers shall increase significantly, therefore using Eurowindow’s high-grade doors and glass would help the Investor to maintain the quietness where needed, providing sound and thermal insulation, help save electricity.

It is estimated that Eurowindow shall finish installation and handover the construction during Quarter 3/2018.

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