Eurowindow honored among the Top 10 Prestigious Building Materials Companies of 2018

Eurowindow honored among the Top 10 Prestigious Building Materials Companies of 2018

Tuesday, 15/01/2019 08:47


With stable financial power, more than 15 years of experience in the field of building materials alongside products that have received the trust of many customers and big investors and positive contributions to the development of the construction – real estate industry as a whole... in 2018, Eurowindow continues to be honored among the Top 10 prestigious building materials companies in Vietnam.

According to Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company, upon mentioning the success of the Vietnamese economy in 2017 one cannot ignore the important developments of the construction and real estate market. Based on that, in order to recognize the achievements of the most reputable companies in the industry, Vietnam Report announced Top 10 prestigious real estate companies of the construction - building materials industry in 2018. They are the companies that have been operating effectively, experienced, and are highly regarded in the industry, trusted by many people, and have made many positive contributions to the development of the entire industry in the Vietnamese market in the period of 2017 - 2018.

To be specific, in the area of manufacturing and providing a comprehensive solution for doors in Vietnam, Eurowindow has “won over” the Organizing committee in numerous criteria: Finance, corporate image in the media and evaluation of the experts in the industry

Mr. Vu Trong Trung - Deputy General Director of Engineering and Manufacturing of Eurowindow receives the Top 10 Prestigious Building Materials Company of 2018

Developed with the interests of company itself along with interests of society and environmental protection in mind, Eurowindow has made continuous efforts to contribute to the overall development of the country.

As a market leader in the field of glass doors and large glass-aluminum partition, Eurowindow has constantly explored and applied new foreign technologies to produce the best products. Typically, the increasing use of environment-friendly materials; automated technology; new materials, new technologies to provide customers as new products of better quality and with more modern features.

According to experts, Eurowindow's products, from uPVC door, aluminum door, large glass-aluminum partition, wooden door, wooden aluminum door, fire resistant wooden door, rolling shutter door, automatic door, hydraulic door, glass products ... to the furniture products all possess many advantageous features, friendly to the environment, contributing to the realization of greener constructions, bringing a new face to urban areas of Vietnam. It can be said that Eurowindow has made a "revolution" in the field of doors, changing the consumption habits of Vietnamese customers.

In 2017, while the construction materials market was quite competitive, Eurowindow still reached an excellent figure of sales of over 3,200 billion VND, adding a considerable amount to the state budget and promoting the overall development of many economic sub sectors in Vietnam.

Not only strictly complied with regulations in the production process, Eurowindow also had many positive activities contributing to ensuring social security. In addition to creating jobs and improving the lives of nearly 5,000 of its employees, Eurowindow regularly organized volunteer activities, promoted humanitarian values ​​such as gratitude programs, aid for the poor, giving gifts to flood victims, giving scholarships to students, good students in difficult circumstances...

Another praiseworthy point of Eurowidow according to the jury of Top 10 Prestigious Building Materials Companies 2018 was its broad media marketing strategy and the frequency of positive responses it brought about. Eurowindow always considers that the connection with the consumer must be through the mainstream media, and the media in turn, becomes the strength that enable the Company to bring its products to its consumer. Therefore, Eurowindow always greatly emphasizes good communication and connections regarding its products, through various means and programs.

With its strategic vision being to continue to asserting itself as the leading door provider in Vietnam, and to promote the development of the Company regarding other finished building materials and with its aim of becoming the leading Solution Provider in the region and over the world, in the near future Eurowindow will expand its investment in factory construction, transfer technology and export products to foreign markets, in which Myanmar’s is the chief target. The goal of Eurowindow is to achieve a turnover of 4,500 billion VND in 2018, and the satisfaction rate for its products and services reaching over 98%.

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