Eurowindow offering 10% discount on the occasion of Vietbuild Danang 2018

Eurowindow offering 10% discount on the occasion of Vietbuild Danang 2018

Friday, 04/01/2019 16:32


On the occasion of the Vietbuild Danang Exhibition, from 20th April to 30th June 2018, Eurowindow will offer 10% discount (after VAT) to customers that sign contract to install products for their own private house from Quang Tri to Binh Dinh.

Vietbuild Danang International Exhibition 2018 shall be held at Da Nang Exhibition Fair Center (No. 09 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Cam Le District, Da Nang City). The event takes place from April 21st to April 25th with the participation of more than 700 booths from both domestic and foreign companies.

After the great success at Vietbuild Hanoi International Exhibition at the end of March this year, Eurowindow continues to participate in Vietbuild Danang Exhibition and present to clients, architects, contractors, investors... in Central Vietnam new products of top quality, superior technology, advanced and highly practical.

Particularly, Eurowindow-RoTo I aluminum door is the exclusive product of Eurowindow in cooperation with the world's leading manufacturer of door furniture Roto-Frank (Federal Republic of Germany). The raw materials for the product is 100% imported from Roto-Frank itself, the profile bar is exclusively distributed by Eurowindow in Vietnam. The product is reasonably priced with outstanding features being its tightness, high sound and heat insulation. Eurowindow-RoTo I aluminum door is very suitable for home, villa and high end apartment projects.

Eurowindow EA55 aluminum door is designed based on the EuroGroove standard, optimized for use with a wide variety of metal accessories. The rounded profile design of the door helps enhance aesthetics, glass fittings and mullions for both doors and windows. There is a wide variety of doors from awning windows, inward and outward opening casement windows, turn and tilt windows, inward and outward opening casement door, internal door, balcony door, folding door...

These days, the use of glass materials as a cover solution for constructions has become more and more popular. However, according to calculations, the use of non-energy-efficient glass doors decreases the cooling capacity of the air conditioner in each building by nearly one-third, due to the heat generated by the sun. This is the reason why power consumption and electricity bill of families increase sharply during summer.

Acknowledging this problem, in March, Eurowindow has just launched the product Thermal Insulation- Safety Glass, and at Vietbuild Danang Exhibition, Eurowindow will introduce to customers this new product. ACT Thermal Insulation – Safety glass window is the perfect solution for the exterior of houses, using the exclusive UV Shield ™ technology from Eastman Chemical (USA), the best UV-blocking technology in the glass window film industry, removing up to 99% of UV light. Highly capable of blocking sunlight, the product not only protects the interior and furniture inside the house, but it also helps to cool the indoor space, accelerates cooling speed of air-conditioner and mitigate cool air leakage through gaps between the glass doors and windows. According to independent research by Johnson Controls, the ACT Thermal Insulation - Safety glass window can save up to 15% of the building's energy costs compared to not using thermal insulation film.

In addition, ACT Thermal Insulation - Safety glass window also provides a safe solution for the user when the film keeps the shards of glass together when it breaks, preventing them from splashing out, harming the users inside the construction as well as the people and vehicles outside (when glass windows of tall buildings break) and especially useful for families with children or pets.

Furthermore, besides the new products using advanced technology, Eurowindow will also showcase and introduce products that have made the name of Eurowindow over the past 15 years: uPVC plastic door; aluminum door, glass and aluminum partition; fire-proof wooden door; wooden floor; roller shutter door… The Exhibition will be a good opportunity for customers to consult and learn about the products to be able to make the best choices for construction.

Vietbuild International Exhibition - is an annual exhibition of the construction industry to introduce achievements, development in all aspects of the industry such as in: Industrial construction, Civil construction, Building materials, Exterior and interior design, Real estate, Architectural design and Urban planning ... This is considered to be the largest exhibition showcasing the whole picture and the life force coursing through the Construction & Real Estate Industry, as well as the tastes of consumers in Vietnam.

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