Eurowindow Office Building won “best decorated building” of Lunar New Year 2018

Eurowindow Office Building won “best decorated building” of Lunar New Year 2018

Monday, 21/01/2019 17:26


Hanoi Department of Culture and Sport has just held an award ceremony for the best decorated buildings of the city in Lunar New Year 2018. Eurowindow Office Building was honored to be the only building in Dong Da district to receive the award.

According to the Organizing committee, 2018 is the first year Hanoi launches the competition “Decorating flowers, trees and buildings for Lunar New Year 2018”. The districts that registered for the competition have decorated, adjusted and added finishing touches to the flowers and trees, along with lighting, banners and flags, etc… to give the Capital city Hanoi a new look, green – clean – beautiful – civilized and environment-friendly. This was a practical and positive activity in a series of activities conducted to celebrate the foundation day of Communist Party of Vietnam and Lunar New Year 2018.

Overview of the Award Ceremony

Speaking at the Ceremony, artist Tran Khanh Chuong – Head of the jury, Chairman of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association said that Hanoi was getting more and more beautiful building. However, most of them had only been equipped with lighting systems that while were practical in and of themselves, still lacking in aesthetic. Therefore, Hanoi city should establish a jury to assess and commend the best-decorated buildings of the inner-city district surrounding Lunar New Year to encourage the owners of said buildings to invest in decorative lighting to help beautify the city at night. The Jury has worked hard, and evaluated the buildings not just through the photos sent but also through actual direct visits.

According to Mr. Chuong, Hanoi is the center of economic and social affairs of the entire country, and in Lunar New Year 2018 it received a large number of international tourists to come visit. With the thorough preparation, in addition to general decorative lighting in the streets, this year, the buildings were also decorated in ways that were both diverse and still compatible with the architectural style of the city, creating remarkable features, beautifying the general appearance of the City. Many buildings managed to combine the effects of the lighting systems and the space, containing beautiful message, producing a modern and ttractive overview look.

Representative of the Jury awards “best-decorated building” award to Eurowindow Office Building

Mrs. Vuong Bich Thu – representative of Hanoi Investment and Hanoi Construction Joint Stock Company No. 1, said upon receiving the award: “The Captial city Hanoi is a tourism city so long-term speaking, decoration is not just about beautifying the presentation of the Group but is also about beautifying the modern architectural style of the area in particular and of the entire city in general.

With the total budget of over 6 billion dong, we have invested in the installation of the led lighting system on all the beams, bars and pillars of the building, along with the screen in the main hall. At the significant celebration such as Hung King’s festival April 30th and May 01st… We light up the entire building, creating effects with words and image… delivering the messages that lift the spirit of the community. During Lunar New Year, we ran the decorative images with the theme of celebrating new year such as: fireworks, peach and yellow apricot blossoms… with the meaningful wish “Good health – Prosperity – All wishes come true” to everyone.

To celebrate the spirit of U23 Vietnam team that has created history in the region’s football competition, we have also ran the led effects, with cheering slogans, national flag… and have been acknowledged by many people, with its influence rippling throughout the community, contributing to cementing the unity of the Vietnamese people.”

Eurowindow Office Building lit up the national flag to cheer for U23 Vietnam football team.

Alongside the award ceremony, the Jury also remarked that, in the upcoming future, the decorations should only use harmonizing and elegant lighting effect, minimizing the fast-moving effects that can affect the vision of people engaging in traffic below. In addition, during the celebration days, the buildings must make adjustments to the lighting system frequently to create difference from normal days.

Also on this occasion, Hanoi Department of Culture and Sport also held an award ceremony for “Best flower and tree decorations for Lunar New Year 2018”. Participating in the competition, the districts and towns have decorated flowers and trees in public areas, headquarters of the agencies, combine lighting banners, slogan, flag decorations together… to render a new face for the city that is green – clean – beautiful – civilized and environment-friendly. In which, the Center for Culture, information and sport of Ha Dong district is awarded the first place of the city.

Pursuant to Hanoi Department of Culture and Sport, the commendations of the organizations is to encourage the companies, organizations, individuals of the City to care more about the activities aiming towards a greener – more civilized – more modern general appearance for the City.

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