Eurowindow Office Building won the best office building in Vietnam award

Eurowindow Office Building won the best office building in Vietnam award

Thursday, 27/12/2018 18:05


In the evening of April 14th at Hanoi, the "Vietnam National Real Estate Awards 2018" was held. Eurowindow Office Building has won the prize for the category of "Best office building for lease and commercial center in Vietnam". This is an award ceremony that honors the reputable real estate companies throughout the country with projects that aim towards green buildings, the best buildings, the most-livable urban areas ... and have contributed significantly to the fast, sustainable and transparent development of the real estate market of Vietnam in this period of industrialization - modernization.

Vietnam National Real Estate Awards was announced on December 12th 2017. This is a special award ceremony of national level, organized by the Vietnam National Real Estate Association, in cooperation with the Housing and Real Estate Market Management Agency - Ministry of Construction and Vietnam Television, under the direction and sponsorship of the Central Committee for Housing Policy and Real Estate Market and the Ministry of Construction.

The program was attended by Mr. Trinh Dinh Dung, Deputy Prime Minister; Mr. Tran Thanh Man, Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh, Minister of Science and Technology; leaders and former leaders of departments, ministries, provinces that have award-winning companies, projects, along with the news agencies, newspapers and representatives of prestigious real estate companies.

Speaking at the event, Nguyen Tran Nam - Former Deputy Minister of Construction, President of Vietnam National Real Estate Association, Chairman of the organizing committee emphasized: "This is the first time that Vietnam National Real Estate Awards is held. This event honors, encourages and provides direction for Vietnamese real estate enterprises to raise their competitiveness, to build and develop their trademarks in accordance with international standards, help establish the trend of "green - clean - beautiful" in investment and development of construction projects, and to provide the market with high quality products; promote the creation of reference channels for classification of brand / product rank in the market, and help businesses in securing their positions and reputation with customers ...

Mr. Nguyen Tran Nam - Representative of the Organizing committee gave the opening speech.

According to the Organizing committee, over the four months of launching the award, with hundreds of profile submissions from many prestigious real estate companies across the country, the Jury consisting of 13 members had independently and objectively examined each company with a strict system of criteria. After the process of profile evaluation, direct inspection on site, secret ballot, audit and consult with the local State management agencies ... The Organizing committee selected 54 candidates which were the most qualified companies, projects in 8 categories: Best office building for lease and commercial center, Best resort real estate project, Best urban area, Most-livable residential area...

In which, the Eurowindow Office Building of Hanoi Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 1 of Eurowindow Holding has won the "Best office building for lease" award.

Eurowindow Office Building receives the award for "Best office building for lease in Vietnam 2018"

This can be regarded as a reward well deserved for the positive contributions of Hanoi Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 1 in particular and the entire Eurowindow Holding in general, continuing to affirm its position and reputation as one of the leaders in the field of investment, development and management of real estate projects. The award is a testament to the success of Eurowindow Holding over the past 10 years, for incorporating closely related, complementary elements in the value chain consisting of construction materials, construction and real estate, and as a result seizing the advantage and reduce prices and expenses while still guarantee the high quality of the construction projects.

Regarding the investment, development and management of grade A office buildings specifically, Eurowindow Holding has made a strong mark on the market with constructions that are not only unique in architecture style, built using high-grade materials, equipped with luxurious interior designs, modern in management technology ... but also have open space with convenient services to create very specific culture marks. At the Eurowindow Office Building, the striking difference is made through the design of multifunctional rooms, where regular group activities for the staff to improve their physical fitness take place after the stressful working hours. Plus, the Relax Coffee area on the 18th floor with its beautiful views, warmly decorated space is an ideal stress-relieving location and is very convenient place for the staff working in the Building to set up meetings with their customers, partners...

Eurowindow Office Building has contributed to the change in appearance of center of Hanoi

Prior to that, in 2011, Eurowindow Multi Complex Building was voted as one of the 10 most beautiful buildings in Hanoi.

At the Event, on the sideline of the "Vietnam National Real Estate Awards 2018", Eurowindow Holding has also introduced to domestic and foreign partners, investors about projects currently being implemented: Movenpick Resort at Cam Ranh, Garden City Eurowindow urban area, Eurowindow River Park, Eurowindow Tower Nghe An ... delivering hundreds of seaside villas, luxury apartments, thousand high-grade apartments, terraced houses, commercial terraced houses, satisfying the diverse demands of investors across the country.

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