Eurowindow supported the Architect Association of Bac Ninh Province

Eurowindow supported the Architect Association of Bac Ninh Province

Wednesday, 16/01/2019 17:47


Afternoon April 26th, in Bac Ninh, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Vietnamese Architects Association (April 27th 1948 - April 27th 2018) took place. The program is organized by the Architect Association of Bac Ninh province and is accompanied by Eurowindow Joint Stock Company.

At the ceremony, the delegates remembered the 70 years history of foundation, development and of the Vietnamese Architects Association; Looked back on the development of the Architect Association of Bac Ninh province.

Mr. Do Xuan Thuy - Chairman of Architect Association told us that the Association is officially founded in 2010 in order to meet the increasing requirements in the field of architectural design consultants and architectural planning critique to better suit the industrialization and urbanization of the Province, aiming towards building and developing Bac Ninh into a grade-I city and a municipality by 2020.

With the active and enthusiastic participation of its members, the Architect Association of Bac Ninh currently has over 130 members, 100% of which are of university level and above. With their enthusiasm and passion, the members of the Association have done many positive professional activities, participating in the planning of many major city projects, architectural constructions that are highly regarded by the national agencies, experts and the people. An example of this is the general planning for Gia Binh urban area, Ho urban area and its surrounding areas, the planning of the Dong Nam section and Tay Bac section of Cho commune, the public housing area of Ninh Xa ward, the sport and physical conditioning service area of Bac Ninh city…

The social critique activities, telecommunication, seminars, exhibitions and social work have been actively implemented by the Association and have been met with good results. Most recently, Bac Ninh Architect Association successfully organized the seminar "Bac Ninh Urban Development in the Metropolitan Area Planning", "Conservation of Rural Village Space in Bac Ninh Urban".

Mr. Do Xuan Thuy also said: "From the results that we have achieved, Bac Ninh Architect Association will continue to use all of its the potential strengths, focusing on providing consultancy, composing and social critique, in order to constantly improve the Association’s role and position in contributing to the construction of a modern and civilized Bac Ninh city, catching up with the developed cities in the region, but still retain the traditional and honorable features of Kinh Bac homeland ".

Bac Ninh is currently the leading region in terms of construction planning coverage with 100% of its urban areas, national highway have generally been planned, many functional areas inside and outside the city have also been planned in detail. Major projects on housing, centralized industrial parks, economic zones, new urban areas, commercial service centers have been implemented in synchronization with one another. At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Tien Nhuong, Standing Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Bac Ninh Province, acknowledged, praised and highly regarded the contributions of the Architect Association of the Province and its members to the development of the Province over the last few years.

Mr. Nhuong emphasized that "To face the new requirements in development, especially when Bac Ninh province is striving to become a municipality by 2022, the Architect Association should continue to put forth an effort to be able to make more important contributions, encouraging the general development of both the community and the economy of the province. The People’s Committee of the Province shall provide the most favorable conditions to Bac Ninh Architect Association and its members so that they can grow.”

Also on this occasion, the Chairman of People's Committee of Bac Ninh province has awarded Certificate of Merit to the Architect Association of Bac Ninh province. The Vietnam Architect Association awarded Certificate Of Merit "For Architecture" to 4 individuals and 2 groups of the Associations.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Nhuong - Standing Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh People's Committee speaks at the ceremony

Bac Ninh has now finished building a complete framework for the planning for the entire province, building urban development program, forming urban areas, housing areas and public-use construction, many buildings that not only possess remarkable architectural features but also contain many values ​​of Kinh Bac culture. In order to realize green, modern and environmentally friendly constructions in Bac Ninh province, Eurowindow has organized many practical activities in association with the Architect Association in providing consultancy on the use of door products and large glass-aluminum partition. With their high quality and numerous excellent features, Eurowindow products have been used by many architects as an effective solution in modern architectural design, helping to harmonize the landscape of Kinh Bac, where many relics and monuments reside.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Hoang Thu Ha, Deputy Director of Marketing & Communications of Eurowindow, has emphasized: "Eurowindow is very happy to walk alongside the architects of Bac Ninh province in building many constructions that contain architectural beauty of the Province.

With the experience of executing many construction projects of both national and international level, Eurowindow has been and always will be accompanying the responsible architects that care about nature and the community to contribute towards changing the appearance of Bac Ninh province to that of green and modern architecture, with emphasis on its own identity, energy-efficiency, friendliness with the environment and sustainability.

In addition to the high-end products such as uPVC doors, aluminum doors, large glass-aluminum partition, wooden doors, wooden aluminum doors, fire-resistant doors, rolling shutter doors, hydraulic doors, glass products ... we have a highly skilled installation staff and modern installation equipment that can satisfy even the strictest of requirements in terms of technique and aesthetic.

Eurowindow will always accompany the Bac Ninh Architects Association in speeding up the process of urbanization and sustainable development in accordance with the target set by the People's Committee of the Bac Ninh province being elevating it into a center of advanced technology and high quality services".

Eurowindow company accompanies the Architect Association and construction engineers in Bac Ninh province

Within the cheerful vibe of Bac Ninh city being classified as Grade 1, and the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Vietnam Architect Association, 60 years of the foundation of the construction industry, Eurowindow also attended the Bac Ninh Architecture planning exhibition. This is an opportunity for companies such as Eurowindow to introduce its products to the people in the provinces.

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