Prevents fire spreading during fire and/or explosion incident.

Due to the inconsistency in urban planning – a particular characteristic of Vietnamese urban areas – which causes significantly challenging for firefighting activities. Therefore, fire rating material selection for building is also one of the critical issues. In order to meet this requirement, Eurowindow is delivering uPVC profiles processed from polymer compound and fire retardant additives which will not support combustion under high temperature.

When tested under the torch light of approximately 1000C, uPVC profile is deformed only without combustion stopping the fire spread through the window or door.


Energy Saving, Durability, Low – Maintenance.

Budget for timber doors may take up a significant amount among the material total cost for a building. In this case, premium uPVC shall be the best alternative option as its excellent properties that timber door can never get such as: Thermoacoustics, low – maintenance, long-lasting performance for years of service life. These factors will help to withdraw initial investment upon uPVC windows & doors.

Moreover, uPVC windows & doors are assembled with exceptional accessories which are easy and convenient to operate, precisely sash close/open, free from warping and shrinking. Even for many years of service the windows and doors are still attractive, perfectly tight and well smooth operation.


Enjoy the privacy and comfort in a peaceful and cozy space.

Windows & Doors is a combination of continuous components such as profile, glazing, seal, etc. Which are optimally designed to achieve the excellent thermoacoustics. For instant, a room closes to a traffic route that has the noise of 85dB outside but thanks to Eurowindow’s product, the noise inside is recorded at approximately 40 – 45dB.

Several example of noise level:

• Book paging: 20 dB.

• Normal talk: 50 dB.

• Traffic: 85-89 dB.

Together with noise reduction performance, the thermal insulation of Eurowindow’s product is up to approximately 2 – 4 times higher than the ordinary ones helping reduce the loss of energy. Thus make it Energy Saving Windows & Doors.


Eurowindow’s uPVC profile withstands long exposed in scorching sun, storm, dryness, high humidity or other extreme weather change.

The most outstanding property of uPVC is its long-lasting durability without being oxidized, aged or discolored under solar radiation, UV affection or tropical climate (hot, humid and rainy).

With the combination of additives and stabilizers creating the flexible adaptability of profiles under extreme condition of temperature and humidity.

It is merely proved by the fast and furious growth of uPVC products in Asian countries such as: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.


Superior steadiness in compared with traditional counterparts.

In contrast to regular windows & doors which are easy to be warping and shrinking under tropical climate in Vietnam, Eurowindow products remain structural precision and its initial elegance during the service life. Our complete door systems engineered to work together to resist leaks and help maintain energy efficiency.

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