uPVC doors first appeared in European countries 60 years ago but its market share climbed up to more than 60%. At present, uPVC doors are widely used in many countries in the world. In Vietnam, since 2002, Eurowindow pioneered in providing uPVC doors for thousands of construction projects including villas, hotels, hi-end apartments, office buildings.

Eurowindow’s door products are made of Profile uPVC bars imported from Koemmerling-the leading manufacturer of profile bars with more than one hundred year experience and hardware fittings are also provided by outstanding providers from Germany such as Roto, G-U, Siegenia-AUBI, Winkhaus. The synchronous hardware fittings with multi-point bolts, 3D hinges, specialized locks make up delicate features for the products and facilitate different opening ways: inward opening, outward opening, tilt & turn, sliding, parallel opening.

Produced based on European quality standards, Eurowindow uPVC products consist of synchronous components such as profile uPVC bars of chamber patterns with reinforced steel to enhance load-bearing ability, double gasket system and argon filled glass boxes to ensure air-tightness, soundproofing and thermal insulation.

High-quality uPVC materials also have other advantages such as no bending, no shrinkage, less painting and maintenance needed, anti-fire, anti-oxidization, anti-smearing in solar radiation or acid rain condition. Thanks to these advantages, Eurowindow products bring about economic efficiency for users such as power saving, less maintenance cost and reasonable price.

Eurowindow has gradually diversified and localized its product ranges to reduce prices and better meet customers’ requirements. Besides Eurowindow brand uPVC doors, two new product ranges has been launched in the market, namely Asiawindow and Vietwindow at lower prices due to the usage of materials produced in Asian countries and Vietnam.

Asiawindow brand uPVC doors are made of materials imported from Asian countries like Taiwan, China, Malaysia…This product range absolutely meets technical requirements in construction field and the price is 10%-15% lower than Eurowindow brand products’.

Vietwindow brand uPVC doors are made of domestic materials and the price is 25%-30% lower than Eurowindow brand products’. This product range meets Vietnamese consumers’ diversified needs.

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