Details and features of components


uPVC profile is extruded as chambered shape with a view to ensure the thermoacoustics of the windows & doors. The reinforced steel tube is then inserted into the profile chamber to maximize the strength of a window or door.

Unlike other plastics, uPVC is hardened Polyvinyl Chloride that is denatured with compositions such as: Acrylic Polymers - increases strength and impact resistance, stabilizers – help to resist temperature and UV impact, wax is added to keep the profile surface glossy and smooth as it looks.

Eurowindow uPVC profiles are imported from Kommerling – HT group (Germany) who has over 100 years of experience with manufacturing and supplying this kind of product. Presently, Eurowindow is the exclusive partner of Kommerling in Vietnam.


Integral components include multi-point locking system and 3D hinges deliver a precise seal between the door and frame with various opening directions.

Accessories are produced by leading manufacturers from Germany as well as self-developed by Eurowindow. Integral accessories system consists of multi-point lock and 3D hinges providing the aesthetic, security and accuracy, eliminating the drawback of ordinary accessories.

Multiple opening options: inswing, outswing, top hung outward, tilt & turn inward, sliding and parallel.

Direction adjustable hinges permit the adjustment during its service life. Hinges are screwed directly toward reinforced steel tube.

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