Inward opening windows, door “all glass”

 *  Composed of glass panes or double glass directly glued to uPVC bar surface with special silicone glue, almost all the sash frame of the window is hidden. 

 *  When closed, the sash frame is hidden, making the frame look thinner and more aesthetic, especially for small windows. 

 *  From outside, the combination of medium glass panels of balcony doors or tilt & turn inward opening windows will look uniform, and be divided into various glass sections by even horizontal and  *  vertical transoms, making glass panels more aesthetic. 

 *  Ensure the best soundproofing, thermal insulation and tight fitting features.

 *  Ensure safety and suitable for both low and high buildings

 *  uPVC profile (frame, sash)

 *  Reinforced steel 

 *  Glass: 24mm thick double glass with safety and tempered glass

 *  Double rubber gasket system to ensure a perfect fit 

 *  Hardwares: multiple point locking, hinge, handle, lock
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