The turn-tilt fitting with parallel action windows

* Besides turning and tilting, the turn-tilt fitting with parallel opening window provides a greater feature: parallel opening. When turned up the handle and pull inward, the sash will be positioned parallel to the frame, creating an air gap of 6 mm. This gap increases ventilation and also prevents break-ins.

* Parallel action ensures ventilation when opened and safety when closed.

* Multiple point locking all around the sash and double-gasket system create airtight, soundproof and heat insulation. Multiple point locking also helps prevent break-ins.

* 2D hinges enable us to adjust the doors.


* uPVC profile (frame, sash).

* Reinforced steel.

* Glass (safety, reinforced)

* Double glazing filled with argon to minimize sound and heat transmission

* Double gasket system to ensure a perfect fit.

* Accessories: multiple point locking, handles, locks..


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