Fire Rated Timber door

In 2012, apart from outstanding entry timber doors and pass-through timber doors, Eurowindow kept offering the market with fire rated timber door to meet the customer’s demand.

Made from hardwood that has been processed according to International Standards with moisture content of 12-14% then soaked with fire retardant fluid 3P-II (certified Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Department). Fire retardant fluid helps the door to withstand the fire for a certain period and prevent the door from fire combustion meanwhile still keeps the door free from discolor

This treatment will not change the color of the wood, or the wood physical characteristics, so the wood surface retains the original appearance.

Eurowindow fire rated timber door consists of: hardwood frame, fire resistant Calcium Silicate Board (non - toxic, odourless, dust free), rock wool, fire resistant seal, rotary peeled veneer and PU top coat.

Particularly, when temperature reaches 900C, the fire resistant seal get melted and virtually turns into glue that tightly seals all gaps to stop spreading smoke, further the escape timing.

Additionally, integral door accessories imported from Europe such as: hinge, door closer, locking system, handle...are made of high performance steel which help the door to keep functioning even in extreme temperature conditions.

Eurowindow fire rated timber doors are available in diversified colors, wood grain veneers, fire resistant classes (60; 90; 120 minutes or longer subjects to different door materials and thicknesses). Fire rated timber doors are commonly used for entry and interior in many kinds of building.

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