G-U four wing auto sliding door

- G-U auto-sliding door consists of two types: 2 wings and 4 wings. Most of the mechanical parts are made of high quality aluminium alloy so it is well loaded, beautiful and light. Glass partitions and sliding doors are made from safe glass and double glazing. The double glazing is pumped inert gas inside for greater thermal and sound insulation.

- The utilization of four-wing sliding door enables us to open at the maximum width, each wing’s dimensions are small and light so they can run smoothly. Also, 4 wings can be wide open simultaneously.

- This product with imported materials of G-U (Germany) is manufactured and assembled by Eurowindow.

  Description of equipment:

- Two radars of movement detection are fixed inside and outside using signal of infrared rays.

- Two safe barriers are fixed across the door, which stop closing the door when anyone stands in the sliding area.

- Infrared signal is also used.

- One key switch is setup with four operating modes.

- Sensor is fixed on the door so when anyone enters, it automatically opens and then closes accordingly for energy saving. In addition, the sensor also guarantees safety for people and baggage because it keeps the doors open when people and baggage pass by.t

General standards

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