Profile bars have a box-shaped structure with steel core to reinforce and increase thermal and sound insulation.

uPVC profile bars have a box-shaped structure, with many empty chambers which provide thermal and sound insulation ability. They are reinforced with a steel core for greater load-bearing ability of windows and doors.

uPVC is different from other plastics. It is hardened Polyvinyl Chloride denatured with the following substances: Acrylic Polymers for more durable and impact resistant. Stabilizers help resist heat and UV ray, wax is added to make the surfaces more high gloss and a beautiful appearance.

Eurowindow uses profile bars imported from Kommerling of Germany’s HT Group. This world leading profile manufacturer and supplier has been in operation for over 100 years, Eurowindow is now the exclusive partner of Kommerling in Vietnam.

The chambers provide thermal and sound insulation and water drainage.

Beside the function of thermal and sound insulation, this chamber is also used for installing reinforced steel, enhancing the frame’s sturdiness and load-bearing ability. The reinforced steel is made of galvanized steel.

Frame profiles are designed with chamfers, thus allowing for easier joining with other profiles and increased durability after installation.

Special rubber gaskets are installed to ensure tightness, thermal and sound insulation.

Hardware chamfer for the installation of hardware, to ensure the solidity and safety.

That gap is used to install special glass gauge, installing many types of glasses including and double glazing units.

Hardware with multiple point locking and 3D hinges help in creating various open/close fittings.

Eurowindow uses hardware produced by Germany’s leading manufacturers as well as hardware that were researched and developed by Eurowindow ourselves. Synchronous hardware with multiple point locking, 3D hinges and special locks ensure not only aesthetic, safety and accuracy of use, but also eliminating disadvantages of normal hardware.

There are various types of hardware use for: inward opening, outward opening, top hung opening, tilt&turn opening, sliding, parallel opening.

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