Thermal and sound insulation

Eurowindow’s products bring you very comfortable feelings in a quiet and cozy space.

Eurowindow windows consist of synchronous components such as profile bars, insulated glass panels, washers… which are designed to meet the highest requirements for thermal and sound insulation. For example: a room is adjacent to the traffic road, the intensity of noise amounts to 85 dB, but thanks to the uPVC window product with high soundproofing, the intensity of noise in the room is reduced to 40-45 dB.

These are some examples regarding noise as follows:

Noise from opening pages of a book: 20 dB

Noise from normal talks: 50dB

Noise on traffic roads: 85- 95 dB

Together with the soundproofing function for improving the life quality, Eurowindow windows are capable of isolating heat 2-4 times better than common kinds of window (i.e.: energy saving for heating and cooling rooms) which brings higher economic efficiency to the users.

Product tropicalization is suitable for climatic conditions of Vietnam.

Always be durable in the hot, humid, rainy tropical climate.

The dominant characteristic of uPVC materials is a long-life product because they are not oxidized, aged or yellowed in the condition of solar radiation and acid rain.

The mixing formula which consists of additives and stabilizers makes the materials more adaptable to the condition of high temperature and humidity.

This is proved by the rapid development of these materials in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and so forth.

High stability, unbending and unshrinking

Outstanding stability of Eurowindow’s products compared with other kinds of traditional windows.

Different from the common windows which are often bent, shrunk in the climatic condition of Vietnam, Eurowindow always keeps the precision of the original structure and appearance during using period. The combination between the frames and wings ensures tight-fitting and keeps your room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Fire Safety

Minimize the spread of fire in case of fire and combustion.

The design and distribution of houses without complying with the overall planning is a typical feature for urban areas in Vietnam. This fact causes many difficulties for fire fighting work. Therefore, the incombustible material selection is necessary and indispensable for the general target. In contribution to this target implementation, Eurowindow windows has been manufactured with polymer materials and fire-proof additives which do not decompose into other combustible components even in the condition of the high temperature.

With the high temperature of the hollow burner, uPVC profile is only deformed without catching fire, isolated the spread of fire from the window.

High economic efficiency when using

  Energy saving, durable, less periodical painting and maintenance

In the estimated cost of construction projects, the budget used for the wood windows is relatively large in total material cost. With this budget, wood or aluminium materials for windows can be absolutely replaced with advanced uPVC materials for the following reasons: thermal and sound insulation, no requirements on periodical maintenance, long-life use with high quality for tens of years…In addition, the uPVC windows can minimize the heat transfer and save energy for keeping the rooms cool or warm. Cost savings from having uPVC windows installed will offset the initial cost over number of years.

The initial investment cost for the uPVC windows is higher compared with some kinds of common windows. However, energy saving becomes clearer when the extra cost during usage is less.

Other advantages such as the convenience of hardware fittings, tight and stable window wings, unbent or anti-shrunk windows, fresh color on frame surface and so forth are also recognized. Using uPVC windows is an economical choice in the short-term or long-term.

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