Folding entrance doors

* Multi-wing door opened by sliding and folding on rails. In addition, when open wings can turn at 90deg to the opening for maximum visibility.

* Allow very large opening area, suitable for houses with large-size doors such as doors to garden or to swimming pool.

* Thermal and sound insulation and tight fitting.

* Made from sturdy uPVC profile.

* Various sizes and styles available, suitable for different structures.

* Two types of opening (folding and turning) in one door bring users more choice.

* Up to 7 sashes.


* uPVC profile (frame, sash)

* Reinforced steel

* Double rubber gasket system to ensure a perfect fit

* Glass (single glass panel, double glass with safety and reinforced glass)

* Accessories: Multiple point locking, 3D hinge, handle, lock...

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