While uPVC are the perfect solution for entry and patio doors, Wood are excellent option for pass-through doors matching any home décor. In the old days, people preferred ironwoods to build windows & doors as their outstanding characteristics such as: hardness, strength, solidity, termite resistance, beautiful wood grain). However, solid timber door can get shrinkage, cracked or warped due to the weather and climate change.

Two wood factories have been built in Quang Minh Industrial Zone (Hanoi City) and Tan Uyen Industrial Zone (Binh Duong Province) with continuous production lines transferred by long standing experienced wood makers come from Italia, Spain and Russia. It not only remains the natural beauty of wood but also adds numerous superior features like: solid stability, tightness, smooth operation, aesthetics, quick installation.

Eurowindow wood windows & doors are available in various designs delivering vintage style and modern appeal.


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